Brink's Prepaid Mastercard highlights

  • Trust Brink's with your money. Securing cash and valuables since 1859.
  • Get paychecks or government benefits checks up to 2 days faster* with Direct Deposit.
  • Earn Cash Back via the PayBack Rewards program from restaurants, shops and more.
  • Funds availability not guaranteed. Card used is subject to activation and ID verification. Terms and Costs Apply

The Brink's Prepaid Mastercard is a prepaid card designed for people who want the convenience of a credit card without the fees, rates, and risk of falling into debt.

Its main advantages are:

- Has no minimum balance

- There are no late fees to worry about

- No credit check. Approval is guaranteed

- Your money is insured by the FDIC because funds are deposited with Bofl Federal Bank

- Large reload Network

Brink's Money Prepaid Mastercard is a product of NetSpend, a leading provider of reloadable and prepaid cards. NetSpend has been in business since 1999 and has an A+ rating with the BBB. Brink's Money Prepaid Mastercard can be used on NetSpend's network of over 70,000 distribution locations and 130,000 reload points. 

How Much Does Brink's Money Prepaid Mastercard Cost?

There is no fee to open a Brink's Money Prepaid Mastercard account. 

There are three monthly plans to choose from, which have monthly fees ranging from $0 to $9.95 and purchase fees ranging from free to $2.

- The Pay-As-You-Go Plan has no monthly fee but it charges $1 for every signature purchase transaction and $2 for every PIN purchase transaction. However, there is a $5.95 account maintenance fee if there is no activity during a period of 90 days.

- The Monthly Fee Plan has a $9.95 monthly fee, but there is no additional charge or fee for signature and PIN purchases.

- The Preferred Fee Plan has a $5 monthly fee and signature and PIN purchases are included in the plan. The only catch is that you must setup a direct deposit of at least $500 to qualify.

There is no fee for adding money to your account by direct deposit. However, fees vary by location when you purchase reloads at a retail store.

What Are The Terms and Fees for Brink's Money Prepaid Mastercard?

Here are the key terms and fees to consider:

-          Daily ATM withdrawal limit of $940

-          Daily Direct Deposit of $15,000

-          Maximum Balance of $15,000

-          Card Replacement Fee of $9.95

-          Out of Network ATM Withdrawal Fee of $2.5 ($4.95 for international ATM withdrawals)

-          International transaction fee of 3.5%


  • Card Network
  • Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit
  • Free Customer Service
  • Max Monthly Service Fee
  • PIN Purchase Transaction Fee
  • Signature Purchase Transaction Fee
  • Out-of-Network ATM Withdrawal Fee

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0 votes

Brinks Prepaid Master card is not a good prepaid card and does not honor its advertisement of getting your automatic payroll deposit up to two days faster. You are lucky if you receive your deposit one day faster. I've been a customer over a year and never, ever received my payroll two days faster.

0 votes

If I could give this company's call centers a negative rating, I would. I was checking into a hotel & needed a card with my name on it because my temp did not. I had this card for 2 years & deposited cash there. When I got back to hotel, Brinks blocked the card. We called & they asked hotel mgr to fax d/l, card, & affidavit, which he did. This was April 6th. They did not unblock, have sent & activated a new card, closed the old card AND ... WONT TRANSFER MY $$ TO NEW CARD! It is now September. I have sent my ss card, mail, & a hundred things & they decline the request to release. I am so frustrated & angry all I can do is cry! Why won't they give me my money? They have ZERO RISK!?! I have 3300+ followers on LinkedIn & am asking all who read to spread the word about Brinks . It is wrong! I will no longer work with companies who outsource "Customer Service" to Philippines, Malaysia, or anywhere in Southeast Asia! Lori McRee More Less

0 votes

I got the Brinks Mastercard to use for savings. It's not a bad card and easy to use, my only gripes is when you are trying to the balance online and put all your info in, all you get is error error error. Even after I changed the password, I still couldn't log in!! Extremely frustrating! ????

0 votes

Absolutely ridiculous, I've had it 4 days and will destroy it when I change my direct deposit Monday in the am. They charge u for everything except breathing. This is by far the worst card I've ever put in my pocket. Don't waste your time..my review is minus 4.

0 votes

The direct deposits are available quickly! They deposit faster than my regular ol bank account. Day to day purchases are smooth and easy. Problem is ATMs. I can have $1800 on my card and ATMs will tell me "insufficient funds" to make a withdrawal or "you've reached your max withdrawal for 24 hours" when I haven't even taken a withdrawal. Most ATMs do not cooperate with this card to take out cash.

0 votes

I wish I could give them a minus 1 star. They are the rudest most inconsiderate people I've ever dealt with. They are conartists and screwed me, and wouldn't do anything to help me. Now I'm over drawn on my card for the fact they took two monthly payments out within a week of each other are you kidding me. Wow brinks y'all are really good con artists, I hope y'all enjoy stealing peoples money.

0 votes

They lost my disability check. I have been fighting with them since the first of June and I'm still not getting results. I wish I had never heard of "Brinks " no one I have talked to has ever heard of this. My bills are getting shut off and I don't know what to do other than hire an attorney. I'm 61 and rely on that money every month! Every one I have talked to is no help. They told me I could talk to a manager then put me ... on hold for over an hour and never get through I guess you have to give at least one star to post but they deserve no star! More Less

0 votes

This card is trash. They charge you for everything. EVERYTHING. I had it for one day and trashed it then wend back to Bluebird.

0 votes

If I could give 0 stars I would , fees suck real bad I will never recommend EVER !

0 votes

I WOULD GIVE NO STARS IF I COULD!!!! Worst trouble in the world with customer service. My sister set this up for my Mom, then proceeded to remove all the money as quickly as her SS and VA checks were deposited. When I found out and took it over, they refused to accept a legal power of attorney document, my mother telling them to work with me, and wanted my ssn, which I refused to give them and they cancelled the card. I'm still trying to get them to be ... reasonable, and intend to close the card as soon as I can get her auto deposits transferred to a real bank. This is a TRAP, DON'T FALL FOR IT!!! More Less

1 votes

The best prepaid card to ge is the Bluebird by American Express. They don't charge nothing a month and dont charge when u purchase anything or add money to the card like these other ripoff companies.

1 votes

It's really bad . to buy $ 1.50 coffee need $ 2.50 fee. I do not like use it. and even if you do not use it. every month they charge $ 5.99 for maintenance fee.

1 votes

Some one charged my card. With out my auth well the way the world is today its not good to give your card to anyone restraunts they. Can copy your number and your 3 diget number and go on line and go for it then. Brinks take there time to reimburse and send you another card not a good company to trust they didnot enen text. Me with my tranactions in witch they had my e mail that i requested not a trusted company with my money i canceled my ... services.. More Less

1 votes

Brinks prepaid card is in the same league as Paypal - They stink! They will both find crazy reasons to lock your account and keep your money. Read the many reviews before using them and see the horrible experiences that not on I have had but the many others also. Don't risk your money with Brinks!!!!

1 votes

TERRIBLE customer service. They offer a referral bonus program that they do not honor. Ridiculous fees. They charge 50 cents a phone call to check balance. Find another company.

1 votes

If I could give this no stars at all I would. I get paid through my job with one of these. I ended up having my card stolen online and an entire paycheck just GONE. The customer service was a joke. They have done nothing but give me the runaround. They won't even let me file a dispute because they say the funds never went through and it's still a "pending transaction". If they never went through then why was all my money gone? Sounds fishy.

1 votes

Don't waste your time with this card it's really a headache dealing with the fees and customer service

1 votes

My card was stolen and im being chared for a replacement. Ridiculous. I dont get this much trouble with my bank cards. Never will i refer or use these services again! Big rip offs?

1 votes

Horrible customer service. I signed up for direct deposit but, put in the wrong account number (That obviously was my bad). I caught this issue after the fact and fixed the problem on my end. Well the service rep at brinks told me over the phone to get a trace # from my employer and they would send a rejection so my employer could re-send the deposit. Well I got the trace # and provided it to brinks and the days went by and before I knew it my paycheck ... was delayed a week all because brinks wouldn't send over the rejection. My employer finally just sent me a physical check. Thanks for nothing brinks and I'll be taking my business else where More Less

1 votes

I use brinks for my direct deposit from my job. I always get my deposit 2 days early and they even let me overdraft $10 and do not charge any fees. I do pay 5.00 a month but i was paying all types of fees with wells fargo. Thanks brinks!!

1 votes

I was thinking about going to this card but decided not to because of the following

They charge you for every transaction (unless you pay them 9.95 a month but still paying them) They say you can get your money faster by direct deposit. You can get the same from a bank and there are no charges if you have direct deposit over a certain amount to your bank. Just like any credit card that you need to deposit money into it there is always a catch and if you want to get ... nickeled and dimed then go with this card. More Less

1 votes

Brink's service is full of crap! They claim they will help you but will completely fail. I had one of their prepaid cards but they changed their security method. Asking questions that wasn't even related to the security answers I put on my account. So they put a "temporary" block on my account and told me to call customer service. I called and got in touch with reps that only checked my account. Only one was helpful on letting me know to send my id, social security, and proof of ... address. I sent those documents to them about 7 times and all of ten got rejected. I gave it another try and they sent me an email stating my account was closed. Keep in mind the block was temporary but was still on there the whole time. And a rep told me that there wasn't anyway to open the account back up and to find another card company. So livid it doesn't make any sense. More Less

2 votes

Warning to all individuals who are going to do any business with Brinks prepaid Master Card. Don't...! As you will be sorry and regret it for sure as they are the worst and most horrible bank in the entire Country. Lousy customer service and they treat people like crap even after being a loyal customer for years. Brinks and Netspend stink to the letter. Happy Holiday's...

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