USAA Renters Insurance Overview

USAA provides comprehensive renters insurance at reasonable rates while exclusively serving members of the armed forces and their families. The company was originally founded in 1922 when a group of army officers couldn’t find a business that would insure the officers’ vehicles. Now, USAA has $28.2 billion in assets and is one of the largest insurers in the United States.

What Are USAA’s Ratings for Renters Insurance?

Both customers and financial institutions rate USAA’s property insurance highly. USAA has been given an A++ from A.M. Best, an Aaa rating from Moody’s and an A+ from the BBB, which are all top scores. USAA has additionally received an AA+ from Standard & Poor’s.

What Coverage Does USAA Renters Insurance Offer?

USAA’s renters insurance can cost as little as $12 to $15 depending on what level of coverage you need. Renters insurance policies can vary, but they typically offer the following types of coverage:

- Replacement coverage of damaged or stolen property including clothing, furniture and appliances.

- Liability coverage.

- Moving and storage expenses.

- Loss due to flood, earthquake, fire, smoke, lightning, windstorm, hail, freezing, explosion, theft, vandalism or riots.

How Does USAA Compare with Other Renters Insurance Companies?

USAA has been in business since 1922 and is one of the largest and most financially stable property insurance companies in the United States. The brand has been awarded with top ratings from a variety of independent institutions and consistently receives positive reviews from customers. Since USAA offers an array of insurance products, the company can be your go-to source for insuring everything from homes and autos to special events and pets.

  • AM Best Financial Strength Rating
  • Available 24/7 by Phone
  • Property Damage
  • Guest Medical Protection
  • Liability
  • Personal Property Protection
  • Reimbursed Living Expenses
  • Identity Theft Insurance
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A month and a half after an accident in my apartment flooded the apartment beneath us, I am still trying to haggle USAA to cover the full cost of the repair of the damages. They are only willing to pay a fraction of what the contractors have estimated, despite being well within the policy limits. Water damage compounds over time, so it's only getting worse the longer they take. Our downstairs neighbor has had to involve his own insurance to cover something that was supposed to be covered by ours. ... I've complained to USAA, but they are sticking with their lousy approach. Completely dissatisfied! More Less

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In November 2016, I filed a claim for theft of property. The claim went relatively smooth and I received payment for the belongings minus depreciation in a fair amount of time.

However, fast forward to approx. March 17, 2017 and we notice that we had overlooked 1 bag of baseball equipment and 2 bags of softball equipment that were missing. I was told by USAA that we had a year to file a supplemental claim and that's what I did.

Just like the initial claim I told the reviewer/adjuster/claims ... manager (not exactly sure her title) that I did not have any records of purchase but could provide pictures of my children and their gear.

I uploaded the pictures to the USSA claims center like instructed. I was never told that I could not use screen shots or it would flag the photos with an incorrect timestamp and metadata. Instead of the adjuster asking me about the photos she sends my case over to special investegator Doris Canaday who was very abrasive from day one. Even after I explained to Miss Canaday the situation with the photographs, uploaded the original photos not the screenshots that had the original timestamp and at her instruction file an amended police report to add the newly discovered missing items she was not satisfied. She then asked to speak to my son's friend who took the original photos of (some) of the pictures but the ones that were in question. I told her I would not give her the minors information and that seemed to upset her. Then she asked to speak with the girls parents, I told her I didn't understand how involving them would matter and I did not feel comfortable with that. Miss Canaday also requested a home visit where she could interview me at my home and go thru my devices and see the pictures for herself. I agreed and scheduled a meeting for Friday the 24th. Then through messaging Miss Canaday requested to speak to my children's coaches which I had told her previously during the phone interview that I coached my daughters little league team and my husband was the head coach for our schools program. She then left a message stating she needed the start and end dates of the season. I called her and told her that information over the phone and she became increasingly abrasive.

I should also mention that at one time during this process I told her my husband was ready to drop the claim because I'm eight months pregnant and she is causing me too much strew and making my blood pressure rise every time I have to speak to this lady. I told her that and she was ready to take my statement and drop the claim. I feel like she is their to bully people and make the claims process so difficult you just throw your hands up and walk away.

After giving her the dates and every single location of the places my children play at she then tells me I need to contact every store I ever bought equipment from and get a receipt of sale to prove that the equipment was actually mine. Or go back months and years through my accounts and show anytime I had purchased the equipment.

These are all tactics to make it impossible or as difficult as possible so they do not have to pay out.

The conversation became heated between myself and Miss Canaday and I heard her turn on her recorder. I asked her if she was recording the conversation which I believe they are supposed to tell you and she said yes now I am. What she didn't record is the conversation leading up to the point I could no longer take any more bullying from her. Before she began recording I asked to speak to her supervisor many times and she would not provide me with the number until I asked again while being recorded.

I have a feeling even after contacting the resolution team that my case is going to go no where.

The amount of hoops they make you jump they is ridiculous but they have to pay for their compound at San Antonio somehow. They do not care about their members and will make you become hostile because they know you are former military and some veterans like myself can be easily stressed and anxiety can be triggered and cause you to just walk away. I'm absolutely disappointed but it's not sorth my mental or physical health and definitely not worth the health of my unborn child to be put thru so much stress. I will be switching my accounts to another bank.

If you want to see actual reviews and others personal accounts just google USAA claim woes or Usaa claims frustration and look st consumer affairs page. It's page after page of situations just like mine.
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0 votes

I purchased the renters insurance just for extra security; then my apartment flooded from sewage backup. My adjuster and I had problems getting in touch with one another, but when I did speak with someone they told me what I needed to do and it didn't take 2 days to get my settlement. It replaced my laptop and with out much running around or fuss.

0 votes

This saved me $900, that's a lot of money to throw down the drain, claim process easy, worth every penny. especially in these rough times, Customer service is always awesome! Everyone should buy this without a doubt I recommend this product.

0 votes

Great pricing, great customer service, great coverage for all my things. Now I get a multi-policy discount on top of my already low price, which made this insurance cost next to nothing. Very happy with USAA!

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