USAA Renters Insurance Overview

USAA provides comprehensive renters insurance at reasonable rates exclusively to members of the armed forces and their families. Non-service members are not eligible to join. In 2016, USAA had $28.2 billion in assets and was the 5th largest homeowners insurer in the United States. USAA was founded in 1922 when a group of army officers couldn’t find a company that would insure their vehicles.

What Are USAA Renters Insurance’s Ratings?

Both customers and financial institutions rate USAA’s property insurance highly. Moody’s rates USAA’s property insurance with an Aaa rating, the best rating possible A.M. Best gives USAA its highest rating, A++ (Superior). Standard’s & Poor’s rates it as AA+ (very strong), the second highest rating possible. The BBB gives USAA an A+ rating.

What Coverage Does USAA Renters Insurance Offer?

USAA’s renters insurance can cost as little as $12 to $15 depending on what level of coverage you need. Renters insurance covers  can offer the following coverage:

-          Replacement coverage. Instead of only offering the current value of items, USAA will repair or replace the full cost of items. There is no depreciation to worry about. However, policies do include deductibles and other policy provisions. Policyholders can get coverage for the full cost of replacing items with new ones. For instance, if your old TV is stolen, you could receive enough compensation to buy a new TV.

-          Flood coverage.

-          Earthquake coverage.

-          Moving and storage.

-          ID theft coverage.

-          Renters insurance is not only for your items damaged or stolen from your home. It can also cover your items lost outside your residence. For example, if your laptop is stolen from your car, USAA has you covered.

-          USAA renters insurance also covers your neighbor’s property if you are responsible for the damage.

-          Liability coverage. Renters insurance also protects your from lawsuits when people slip or fall on your property.

 How Does USAA Compare with Other Renters Insurance Companies?

USAA has some of the best ratings in the insurance industry. Moody’s and A.M. Best give USAA their best rating, and Standard & Poor’s gives it its second best rating. USAA has been in the insurance business since 1922. It is one of the largest and most financial stable property insurance companies in the United States.


  • Available 24/7 by Phone
  • Property Damage
  • Guest Medical Protection
  • Liability
  • Personal Property Protection
  • Reimbursed Living Expenses
  • Identity Theft Insurance
  • AM Best Financial Strength Rating
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0 votes

I purchased the renters insurance just for extra security; then my apartment flooded from sewage backup. My adjuster and I had problems getting in touch with one another, but when I did speak with someone they told me what I needed to do and it didn't take 2 days to get my settlement. It replaced my laptop and with out much running around or fuss.

0 votes

This saved me $900, that's a lot of money to throw down the drain, claim process easy, worth every penny. especially in these rough times, Customer service is always awesome! Everyone should buy this without a doubt I recommend this product.

0 votes

I've had great experiences so far with USAA Insurance. When I moved into an apartment, I called up to update my renters insurance policy. We found that i actually needed more coverage and we reviewed the rest of my policies.

0 votes

Great pricing, great customer service, great coverage for all my things. Now I get a multi-policy discount on top of my already low price, which made this insurance cost next to nothing. Very happy with USAA!

0 votes

I have Renters Insurance, Auto Insurance and now Life Insurance with USAA. I enjoy that the customer representatives are receptive, attentive and I can be transferred without hassle. You don't need another finance company for anything

0 votes

USAA has always been so great to us, we would not even need to ever look anywhere else for any of our insurance needs. Their renters insurance policy is dirt cheap and offers us all the coverage we need.

0 votes

Setting up the policy was easy and the customer service was great! The representative was very knowledgable of all the features and was able to answer all questions. I've had a renters policy with USAA for over 6 years and have had to make a claim once. Making a claim was easier than I thought and once again everyone was very helpful.

0 votes

When a lady visiting my apartment slipped and fell and hurt herself, I was really worried about my liability. It turns out that my renters insurance covers her injuries, which were minor, thank goodness. But no matter how minor, it could have killed me financially to have to pay her.

0 votes

I already had car insurance with USAA and didn't really want renters insurance, but they kind of kept mentioning it everytime I called in, so I finally caved in and signed up. I doubt I will ever need it, but I have it now in case anything ever happens.

0 votes

I absolutely love USAA renter's insurance! They so know how to protect you. I dropped a really heavy vase onto the tile flooring in my living room and broke it. Turns out it was pretty difficult to match the tile and then have it replaced, so it cost a lot of money to do so. After my deductible, they were happy to pay the cost.

0 votes

My wife and I have had USAA insurance for our vehicles for years, but just recently moved to a new apartment that required renters insurance as well. Of course USAA offers this coverage too, and we even get a discount now on our already awesome policy.

0 votes

I have had another company for renter's insurance and wasn't happy, so I went to USAA. Boy, did they change my idea of renter's insurance. I am so happy that I changed. I got my apartment broken into and the burglars stole everything of vallue. USAA reimbursed me for everything minus my deductible, which was only $200.

0 votes

Whenever I double check the rates out there, every time, USAA has comparable rates but covers MORE and gives us a fair deductible. After honest treatment, fair priing, superior service whenever I have questions AND the best online portal out there....I am stickin' with the BEST IN CLASS!!

0 votes

In my younger days when I didn't own much, I figured that I didn't need renters insurance, but more recently I decided that my collection of stuff was growing quite large and quite expensive, so I decided to get coverage. Good I did. A tornado blew thorugh out town not too long ago. It did a little damage to my stuff and a lot of damage to the belongings of people I know. They didn't have any coverage and are really strugglling now to replace things.

0 votes

I went for many years without renters insurance, but then a friend had her apartment broken into, and I realized how vulnerable I was. So I decided to also get some renters insurance. I have USAA for auto insurance, so I figured that it would be a great idea to get their insurance. I was right! A month after getting insurance, I also had a break-in. I recovered my financial losses thanks to USAA.

0 votes

USAA is with out a doubt the best company. I would never trust another company with my business!!! Thanks USAA!!! I recommend this product. USAA is awesome and really takes care of the customers, and are number one in mine and my whole family's minds.

0 votes

Not many renters insurance policies cover flood, but USAA does. And that is great, because I had a terrible flood in my house when a pipe burst. USAA covered the damage to the property and to my property, which was such a relief. It was hard enough to have to clean up the mess. If I had to also pay, I would have lost my mind.

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