Citi Dividend Card for College Student Review

The Citi Dividend Card for College Students was one of the more generous student credit cards on the market for cash back rewards – at least for transactions involving products featured in whatever category was being featured. However, it appears that the card is no longer available. As of January 2015 the only student card presently included on the Citi website is the Citi ThankYou Preferred card for Students.

Who Was the Citi Dividend Card for College Students Designed For?

The card was exclusively designed for college and university students.

Were There Annual Fees?

There were no annual fees.

Did the Citi Dividend Card for College Students Card Offer Rewards?

The major reward offered by the Citi Dividend Card for College Students was a cash back reward program. Most purchases allowed cardholders to earn 1 percent cash back for all purchases using the card, including cash advances. In addition, each quarter featured a particular category where cardholders were allowed to earn an additional 5 percent cash back on purchases. There was a limit of 300 dollars annually on the amount of cash back that could be earned annually, and rewards could only be redeemed in increments of at least 50 dollars.

Were There Foreign Transaction Fees?

The foreign transaction fee was 3 percent on all transactions.

Were There Late Payment or other Penalty Fees?

Late payments and returned payments were subject to a fee of up to 35 dollars, and automatically triggered the penalty APR. Cash advances were subject to a fee of 10 dollars or 5 percent, whichever was greater.


The Citi Dividend Card for College Students allowed students to earn cash back on their purchases, which for nearly all students, is universally appreciated. But its cash back program featured limitations and restrictions not imposed by other cash back rewards cards. There was also no room for error, thanks to the punishingly high penalty APR.

  • Card Type
  • Customer Type
  • Card Network
  • No Annual Fee
  • Purchases APR
    Starting at 13.99%
  • 0% Introductory APR
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0 votes

I'm not sure why I was declined for this credit card. I'm a college student who wants to establish a credit history, with a part time job. I have no debt as of yet, but I was still declined. Doesn't make sense, since this is where this card is geared. Oh well.

0 votes

I was approved for the Citi card right away!! Yay!! I'm sooooo happy and couldn't be happier!! My credit is okay but I need this card to build it up more. I can't wait to use it, pay it off, and see my credit score grow. Perfect for college students or young adults with no credit!

0 votes

This is the first credit card I have ever applied to and was approved! I'm looking to build some credit, since I currently have none. I think it's one of the nicer student credit cards available, just from the easy application and approval process I encountered.

0 votes

I have another student credit card, but I really wanted something with better benefits. This card seemed like a good one in terms of rewards, so I applied and was approved right away. Can't wait to see what this card can do for me, and who knows, it may become my main card.

0 votes

I got approved even with a bunch of student loan and auto loan debt. I'm going to use this card to pay them off, since they have a lower APR than my other loans. Seems like a good idea to save some money. Hopefully, my interest will stay where it is.

0 votes

Excellent card for students. The only catch is you also need excellent credit. The rewards program is particularly generous, 5% for revolving categories you actually use. It has no annual fee and a cartload of benefits you'll love. I particularly like the price rewind, which automatically searches for better prices for the stuff you buy and gives you back the balance if the difference is greater than $25.

0 votes

I'm so confused with this card! I thought it was meant for students looking to establish credit.. I have no credit, but some debt from student loans, and was not approved. Why? I'm not sure. I guess I'll have to look elsewhere for a card that is actually meant for students..

0 votes

I'm in college with a little part-time income but I was still approved for a $2,000 credit limit. I was surprised but hey I'll take what I can get. I'm super excited to start using the card and building my credit. So far, this seems to be a good first option.

0 votes

Really? This card is aimed toward college students? I was disapproved because of a high loan balance. Yes, Citi, I have student loans. That's the only way I can pay for college at the moment. It just doesn't make sense. Am I the only person with student loans??

0 votes

I have good credit so I wasn't surprised I got approved. I was surprised to get such a good interest rate and high credit limit. On my other cards I've had for a while now, it isn't this good. I'm pretty satisfied so far and will continue to use this to build credit.

0 votes

I got this card to build my credit history. I'm so happy I was approved because I really want to get another credit card down the line and some loans out. This has been a great card and I haven't had any issues yet. Applying was easy. So simple!!

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