Liberty Tax Service was launched in Canada in 1997. As of 2016, it has more than 4,000 offices spread throughout the United States. Its present headquarters is in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Liberty Tax has an A+ rating with the BBB and was rated by Forbes to be in the top 100 small businesses (#27) and the top 20 franchises (#11).

What Does Liberty Tax Do?

Liberty Tax Service provides in-person tax preparation service through its storefronts located across the country. Each storefront is operated by an independent franchisee. Liberty Tax Service also provides online tax preparation software for individuals who want to prepare their own federal and state income tax returns. Liberty Tax also backs eSmart Tax, an online tax preparation service that offers similar services at lower prices.

As well as personal tax preparation services, Liberty Tax also provides business tax preparation and accounting services.

What Are the Charges and Payment Options for Liberty Tax?

Prices vary for in-person tax preparation services. There are four tiers of online tax software available: EZ ($19.95), Basic ($24.95), Deluxe ($54.95) and Premium ($79.95).

The EZ version costs $19.95 and allows taxpayers to file federal income tax returns using Form 1040-EZ.

The Basic version costs $24.95 and allows taxpayers to itemize deductions, report business and self-employment income, and include Health Savings Accounts.

The Deluxe version costs $5495 and allows homeowners, investors, and sole proprietors to report investment income, and claim depreciation and the home office deduction.

The Premium version costs $79.95 and allows taxpayers to claim real estate rental income and file returns for S Corporations.

All four versions provide information about the Affordable Care Act, and also have the capacity to import information from a previous year's tax return filed through Liberty Tax Service. It also allows for W2 forms to be directly imported into the platform and includes a Credit Maximizer that scans taxpayers returns for missed tax credits and deductions.

Filing a state tax return is $31.95, which is charged separately. 

What Services and Packages Does Liberty Tax Provide?

Liberty Tax Service's in-person tax preparation provides full services for its customers year round. Online customers can receive real-time assistance through live chat and email support at all times. There is also a fairly extensive online help resource available to the general public (as well as online customers) that includes an FAQ section and a tax calculator.

The Liberty Tax App, available for iOS and Android devices, allows individuals to locate Liberty Tax Service offices and contact them with a single click. Audit Assistance provides a Liberty Tax representative to accompany taxpayers to an IRS audit to explain how returns were prepared, but there is no representation before the IRS.

Liberty Tax also offers eligible customers a tax refund advance loan of up to $1,300, an additional service few tax preparation companies offer.

Does Liberty Tax Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

Liberty Tax Service provides some guarantees to its tax preparation customers. The “your biggest refund” guarantee promises taxpayers a refund of tax preparation fees if they receive a larger refund from another tax preparation service or method. The accuracy guarantee reimburses taxpayers for interest and penalties charged by the IRS caused by errors from its tax preparation services or products. The satisfaction guarantee promises customers will receive a full refund if they are not happy with the services they receive through Liberty Tax Service.


Liberty Tax Service offers tremendous value for money. Its Basic version includes features that are often reserved for Premium or Deluxe level customers. Liberty Tax doesn't offer a free version, but taxpayers with simple tax returns can file for free using eSmart Tax, an online tax preparation company backed by Liberty Tax.

Liberty Tax also provides eligible customers with up to a $1,300 tax refund loan. 

  • File In Store
  • File Online
  • Federal Basic Price
  • State Return Price
  • Federal Basic plus State Price
  • Federal Standard Price
  • Federal Premium Price
  • Business Owner/Self Employed
  • Estate/Trust/Retirement
  • Investment and Rental Property
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Payroll/1099
  • Property Tax
  • Audit Support
  • Automatic Error Detection
  • e-File Included
  • State Tax Returns Included
  • Tax Deduction Finder
  • Income Tax Prep
  • C-Corporation
  • Best Return Guarantee
  • Business
  • Personal
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0 votes

I tried to do my taxes here a couple years ago but I was missing paperwork so they told me to come back. About a week or so later I got a letter in the mail stating I was being audited back 5yrs!I don't know how they did it but liberty tax sent information to the government saying I was common law when I was single! They didn't even file my taxes ! I had been single for years. I provided all my leases, all my bills, everything I needed ... to prove I was single but it didn't matter..the government owed me $14000, but good luck getting your money from them when they have it! They said no you owe us and took it all from me! Single mom working for minimum wage 14hr days 6days a week figured it's ok for all the overtime I will get it back at tax time. Bull! I should have gotten a lawyer but I couldn't deal with the stress.. fighting with the government was stressful enough. I told her to keep all my money and give it to someone coming off a boat ! Why give it back to a Canadian citizen born here who helped build everything? Thx liberty tax! $14000 you had taken from me and you didn't even file my taxes! More Less

0 votes

We came here last week to file our taxes, which were done by Gordon. It was not an unpleasant experience and I left thinking I would probably become a regular customer here. There was some additional information I needed to provide to them which they needed to file my taxes. Gordon told me that I could just call them to give them that information and they would then file my taxes - all I would need to do afterwards is show up and sign some papers and that would be ... that, no appointment required. So I did that. I called in - gave my information - and I was told that I would get a call back from them. They called me back the same day and said "we will have everything filed by tomorrow all you need to do is show up and sign some papers" I asked if i needed an appointment and he said "no".

I wasn't able to go to following day, but I went the day after which gave them a whole extra day to file them. When I showed up I told the receptionist that we came here last week to file our taxes and that I was told I just need to sign some papers. She started digging through all the files looking for mine. I said "are you sure? there might not even be any file because we took some home last week. I think there's just a paper I need to sign" I'm not very tax-savvy, so I probably didn't explain myself well enough, hence why I'm going to them to get my taxes filed in the first place. However, she practically shushed me and kept searching. Soon enough it attracted another agents attention. She came over to us to help with the search. Maybe she was having a bad day and decided that there would be nothing more satisfying to her than to take it out on a couple of her colleagues' clients. She asked me aggressively if we'd been called to come here. I explained that I had received a call two days ago. She asked who it was. I said "I didn't catch the name", she angrily replied "this is why you should always get people's names". I was taken aback but I conceded that I probably should have done that and even apologized. I said maybe it hadn't been filed because when I got the call he said that he would have it filed by the next day. She jumped right in and said "you're supposed to wait for our call not just show up". I made it clear that I was asked to show up and I did what I was told. She then spent a few more minutes figuring out what we were there for (which is what I had clarified with the receptionist in the first place). I patiently repeated myself and then she cut me off and said "you need to make yourself clear from the start we were looking for files that we don't have". Considering that I had explained myself and was shushed by the receptionist and also considering the fact that I am not obliged to know their filing habits this was getting pretty unacceptably ridiculous. They argued condescending that I had never told them that and made it clear that they were blameless and I was at fault, declared that they hadn't filed the taxes and that we would need to do it now. She then told us sharply that we would need to pay for it it's not free... implying that we couldn't afford it. This is the kind of supremely vulgar, ill-bred thing that will ensure I never go back to them again. Where I'm from this sort of statement is considered an unpardonable offense, and I'm sure that nobody in Canada would consider it flattering. Considering that we had already paid them full price last week for their services, would be paying them full price again today, and were even planning to be regular customers in the future, it was also a terrible business strategy.

As we were then getting helped by Gordon, whose sincere apology after that fiasco meant a great deal, by the way - the lady walked in on our meeting halfway through and demanded that Gordon help another customer... again making it clear how little she valued us as customers. Gordon clearly felt that it was rude and uncalled for and treated us like a professional. He politely told her it would have to wait until he was finished with our session, he helped us out to the best of his ability, and sincerely apologized for the bad experience. Our taxes didn't get filed, though, as they need a lot more paperwork (all of this could have to told to us in the previous session, infact, what we were told today was completely different from what we had been led to believe in the previous session) nobody acknowledged that they hadn't kept their word, and that coupled with the disorganised, unprofessional behaviour and complete utter lack of common respect towards us will ensure I never go back here again. I don't trust them with my money or my documents and I do not recommend filing your taxes here.
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0 votes

One star cause I divide my taxes, paid my fee, and now I cannot access my access my account using my login info and now I have to email them and wait for response. Will never use again

0 votes

Don't go to the Liberty tax in Gettysburg PA. The preparer there is Ramona Nattress and they lied to me and stole money from me and I didn't even get a return back.

0 votes

I have always used Liberty Tax Services mostly because they were so convenient. They had an office right down the street from my office, but now they have moved. I am going to try filing through their online option this year. If it's anything like the help I got in their office, it should be a piece of cake.

0 votes

I had my mom report for me because I have anxiety really bad so they called me when it was ready for me just to sign. Then they said it's going to be $500.00! I said "Mam thank you for your time but I kindly apologize. I'm going to need that extra change you're trying to take from my kids and I." So we get up, "Thanks again" I say. We walk out, dude's like "Hey why you leave? I'm the boss here. I'll give you a big break." I'm ... like, "no thanks it's okay," and by this time my face is red cuz he asked me like five times and says, "Come on how much you wanna pay? $100? $150.00?" So I'm like OK OK and he lies and ends up charging me $175, better that $500.00 but wow they sure came down from $500-$175 huh. Seems like a scam. They should be more reasonable. My taxes were the simple e-z form. More Less

0 votes

Liberty Tax really helped me when I needed them. I had so many changes to my tax profile this year, that I didn't know what I was doing. Liberty Tax helped me get through the entire process and it didn't even take that long or cost that much! Thanks Liberty Tax!

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