TaxSlayer is a tax preparation company with over fifty years of experience. The company started in 1965 as a traditional tax preparation business in Augusta, Georgia. In 1989, the company began to develop software to improve the speed and efficiency of tax preparation. The software was first marketed to tax preparers and CPAs across the United States. In 1998, TaxSlayer was also available to individual taxpayers who wanted to prepare and file their own taxes. The company is based in Evans, Georgia, and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

TaxSlayer offers a Simply Free version for taxpayers with a simple tax return who only need to file the 1040 EZ form. Included in this version is a free federal return and a free state return. Other versions require an additional fee for a state return, which costs $27.

Compare TaxSlayer with other leading tax preparation services to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

What Services Does TaxSlayer Offer?

TaxSlayer provides the following services:

-       Free filing for federal tax returns when you file using TaxSlayer’s Free Basic Edition

-       Free e-file and direct deposit

-       Account Information Roll Over

-       Real-time tax refund calculator

-       TaxPerks Program for referring new clients

-       Printing of Tax Return

-       Excellent customer support

-       Prior year comparisons

-       Audit assistance

-       Amended tax returns

-       Complex Tax Filing

-       State Tax Filing and Preparation

What Is TaxSlayer's Pricing Structure?

TaxSlayer has three main versions: Simply Free Edition ($0), Classic Edition ($22), and Premium Edition ($40). The company also has a special offer for the military (a 50% discount) and specialized modules for amended returns ($41.99) and prior year returns ($29.99).

The Simply Free Edition is only an option for taxpayers filing form 1040 EZ. That includes simple tax returns with little in the way of deductions, credits, and investments. The version still includes the real-time tax refund calculator, free email and phone support and a step-by-step deduction guide.

The Classic Edition costs $22 and provides additional forms and deductions, and includes all major forms and schedules. Another neat feature is that your information from the prior year is pulled in. Additionally, you have access to TaxSlayer's deduction finder. 

The Premium Edition costs $40 and includes audit assistance, live chat and priority support in addition to the features offered by the Classic Edition including prior year comparisons. The audit assistance module alone has a $28.99 charge for non-premium customers.

(Notice that the pricing of the Classic and Premium Editions doesn't include state tax returns. State tax returns have an additional charge of $27.)

The Military Edition gives active duty military a 50% discount on federal and state returns.

The Amended Return module helps taxpayers make corrections on past returns. The module costs $41.99 and works both for federal and state returns.

The Prior Year Tax Return has a $29.99 charge. This module makes it possible for taxpayers to use TaxSlayer’s prior year program, prepare their tax return, and file it. It includes both federal and unlimited state returns.

What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of TaxSlayer?

Benefits of TaxSlayer:

-       TaxSlayer provides premium tax preparation features for a lower price than similar tax services, such as TurboTax.

-       Audit Assistance is included in the Premium Edition ($28.99).

-       Established company with over 50 years experience in tax preparation.

-       TaxSlayer provides tax support from live tax experts.

-       All major forms and schedules included in all editions (except the Simply Free Edition). 

Disadvantages of TaxSlayer:

-      TaxSlayer does not provide in-person support.

-       There are cheaper alternatives around with similar features.

Compare TaxSlayer with other leading tax preparation services to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

  • File Online
  • Software
  • State Return Price
  • Federal Standard Price
  • Federal Premium Price
  • Business Owner/Self Employed
  • Estate/Trust/Retirement
  • Investment and Rental Property
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Payroll/1099
  • Property Tax
  • Audit Support
  • Automatic Error Detection
  • e-File Included
  • State Tax Returns Included
  • Tax Deduction Finder
  • Income Tax Prep
  • LLC
  • Best Return Guarantee
  • IRS FreeFile
  • Business
  • Personal

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0 votes

TaxSlayer services is not good and website is much slow.

0 votes

I filed my taxes using TaxSlayer and everything seemed fine while I was doing it. Afterward, I noticed my refund was lower than usual, so I looked a second time at my return. I contacted the support line and everything. Turns out, TaxSlayer does not cover ALL of the deductions available. I am a disabled vet and get a tax credit, but was not able to get this through the TaxSlayer software. I am assuming this happens often, and you really would not notice it unless you do a double ... check and make sure it is there. More Less

0 votes

For the price of TaxSlayer, it does a great job at doing your taxes. I currently use the free military version, and it is a great option if you want to do them yourself. I have used CPA's and other professional tax preparers in the past that have gotten me a little more back, but have also paid quite a hefty sum for their services. I was really happy with TaxSlayer because it's a very straightforward software. I'd recommend it.

0 votes

TaxSlayer would not allow me to print my taxes to review them. I called their customer service line multiple times and have never been able to get through to a person who could help me. I had so many issues with this program that I actually missed the tax deadline. Now I am stuck with a plethora of fees because TaxSlayer dropped the ball and didn't help a customer when they needed them.

0 votes

I got TaxSlayer because it had a lower price than the other tax preparing software I've seen. I have used it for a few years without any issues, but this year, it seemed to mess up my state return. It said I owed the state a huge amount, when A) I've never owed in state returns and B) my federal return was huge. It didn't make any sense. I contacted their support but have yet to hear back. I hate to say it, but now I am not sure whether ... or not I have been getting screwed other the past couple years. More Less

0 votes

I used TaxSlayer for this years returns and completely messed up my taxes. I wasn't able to review the return like I originally wanted to. It gives you a printed summary, but no actual return overview where you can see all the deductions. I must have typed in something incorrectly, but since I could not review it, I did not know. Now TaxSlayer is refusing to help me or give me any sort of credit for an amended return. I explained that I wanted to review the information, but they ... still will not help at all. More Less

0 votes

I used TaxSlayer for my taxes last year and everything was fine. No problems there. This year though, my state refund was not accepted so I had to go in to see the problem. Everything looked okay, so I submitted again. Same- denied. I contacted TaxSlayer and they said it was a glitch in their system that was causing my state refund to me declined. I requested a refund because I did my state return with another software company, and they refused, even though they already admitted that it was ... their fault. More Less

0 votes

This is my second year using TaxSlayer and the experience this time around was just as good as the first. I think TaxSlayer does a good job of guiding you through the questions and deductions for your taxes. I haven't had any issues nor have I had to contact customer service (so I guess I can't comment on that area). Both years I got back returns that were very similar to the returns in the past. I will be using TaxSlayer in the future.

0 votes

I submitted my taxes (both federal and state) through TaxSlayer and they were both rejected. I contacted TaxSlayer and they sent me a long email with instructions on how to fix the return. I did everything the email stated. Again, my return was rejected. This happened one more time before I had enough. I did my taxes somewhere else and demanded my refund from TaxSlayer because in the end, I couldn't actually use their software. They refused to give me anything back. I will not use them again because of ... their horrible customer service and business practices. More Less

0 votes

TaxSlayer is so easy to use and I had absolutely no issues with it! I did make a little mistake (completely on my part) but was able to fix it quickly and resubmit everything. It only took a few minutes to do. The TaxSlayer prompts are really easy to follow, it is not easy to screw it up. If you do, you can easily change the information. I would definitely recommend TaxSlayer and will be using it next year!

0 votes

I have used TaxSlayer for many years. Up until last year, everything was good. I actually looked over my last years tax return and realized that I had overpaid for everything by almost a grand. I am now working this year to fix that return so everything is right. I almost feel like it is my fault because I should have reviewed my return at the time, instead of this year. But at the same time, I always relied on TaxSlayer to review it and get it right.

0 votes

TaxSlayer is s very untrustworthy. We have been filing with them for a few years and just recently got a notice from the government saying we our a couple thousand in taxes. TaxSlayer is the only program we used during those years. I looked over our previous returns with them and everything I entered was correct, but the numbers did not show up on the final forms. Therefore nothing was added correctly by the TaxSlayer software. They are not going to help us so now we have to pay the ... back owed taxes on our own because of their mistake. More Less

0 votes

I am having an issue with TaxSlayer and cannot get in contact with any one in order to solve it. I keep getting an error message when I try to submit my state return. Now I am having a problem logging into my account, to retrieve the state info. I have been trying to get in contact with someone from TaxSlayer for almost a month now. I'll have to do my state taxes through another company, but I do want my TaxSlayer fee refunded.

0 votes

I used TaxSlayer last year for my returns and didn't have any issues then. This year I paid the little fee to have my last year returns pulled up to make my life easier. For whatever reason, even with my last year return pulled up, my city taxes did not register. Therefore, afterward I received a bill for my city taxes. I don't know why I bothered to have my return pulled from last year if this was going to happen. I no longer rely on TaxSlayer because obviously they ... are not trustworthy. More Less

0 votes

I used to like TaxSlayer but this year I have been having issues with my state return. It keeps getting rejected, but there is no explanation from the TaxSlayer website. I have tried numerous times, and it just does the same thing. I have called the TS Customer Service line, and after a few rings the line goes dead. I am mad that my return is being rejected, but it is even worse than TS won't even answer my calls. They are the worst tax website.

0 votes

My husband and I used TaxSlayer to file our taxes last year. We paid the fee, which was directly taken out of our bank account and everything. We recently got a letter from the IRS stating that we owed back taxes from the previous year. I made sure the TaxSlayer fee had been taken out, just to confirm that they submitted it. I have contacted them and they have put the blame on us, even though we DID in fact pay to use their services.

0 votes

I have been a TaxSlayer user for about six years now, and have NEVER had any sort of problems with them. I have had my return bounce back to me with an issue, but it is so easy to correct the return and then resubmit it. I guess it is easy to just click through everything on TaxSlayer and then get frustrated when you have a problem, but if you actually take the time to figure everything out, it will turn out alright.

0 votes

I admit that it is my fault that I waited until the last minute to file my taxes. I have used TaxSlayer in the past without any issues, but now when I am racing against the clock, the website decides to be all glitchy. It continuously kicks me out and prompts me to log in again. It has been about 45 minutes of this. I am going to miss the deadline simply because the site is not managed properly or checked for glitches.

0 votes

I filed my daughters taxes last year with TaxSlayer. I didn't have any issues then, so I was surprised to have an issue now. I paid the small fee to get a copy of the prior years taxes, no issue there. But when I attempted to get the prior years taxes, there was just a continuous error message. I called customer service and did not get through. I am upset that I was charged a fee and the service does not even work....

0 votes

TaxSlayer is extremely frustrating! This is my first year using it because I usually go to a brick and mortar tax office to get them done. Every time I tried to submit my return, it stated something was wrong and that it needed to be reviewed. I kept reviewing my return and nothing was wrong. Again, something was wrong and it had to be reviewed. It was so irritating that I stopped to get my taxes done somewhere else.

0 votes

I usually use another tax software but figured I'd give TaxSlayer a shot this year. I spent about an hour putting everything in, and it said I owed about triple what I normally owe for state taxes. I knew it wasn't right so I re-checked everything, but the number stayed the same. I wasn't pleased with that so I stopped it all and just used my old tax software. That one gave me a more reasonable number. I guess I won't be using TaxSlayer again.

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