Clear Creek is a tax resolution firm based in Louisville, Colorado. It was launched in 2004 and has an A- rating with the BBB. The company claims to have five tax attorney teams and a staff of more than 100 employees.

What Services does Clear Creek Offer?

Clear Creek is a full-service tax consultancy and mediation company that can assist with anything from preparing unfiled tax returns to negotiating for tax debt mitigation. The company focuses on providing protection from tax levies, wage garnishments and tax liens.

How Does Clear Creek Tax Work?

Clear Creek provides customers with a free 15-minute consultation to assess their eligibility for tax mitigation services and create a personalized tax defense plan. Each case is managed by a team of tax experts under a tax attorney. Clients can contact Clear Creek by phone, using its website's chat room or by filling an online form. Only taxpayers with $10,000 or more in tax liability are considered. Eligible clients must sign a power of attorney before Clear Creek will start processing their case.

What Negotiation Options Does Clear Creek Explore?

Clear Creek claims to look into all possible tax mitigation. Its strategy is divided into proactive and defensive steps. Proactive steps include creating a corporate structure that protects businesses from creditors and allocating assets in a way that prevents individuals from having their bank accounts levied or their wages garnished. If the IRS or state tax authorities have already started collection measures against taxpayers, Clear Creek takes defensive steps to lift levies and garnishments and negotiate an equitable solution. Negotiation options include installment agreements, penalty abatement and certificates of discharge.

What is Clear Creek's Fee Schedule?

Clear Creek does not have a fee schedule or pricing guideline on its website. However, they do provide a broad estimate of fees on the initial call. We were quoted between $2,000 and $4,000 for a $50,000 tax liability case. On another occasion, we were asked for a $2,500 upfront fee for a similar $50k tax liability case.

Which States Does Clear Creek Operate In?

Clear Creek Services claims to operate in all 50 states.

How is Clear Creek Better/Worse Than Other Tax Relief Companies?

Clear Creek has over 15 years' experience in the tax mediation business. It employs tax attorneys, has a staff of over 100 employees, and an A- rating with the BBB. Its prices are on the high side, but tax relief companies that hire tax attorneys generally charge higher fees, which is understandable.

However, Clear Creek does have a sketchy history with the BBB. In 2012 and 2013 it had a C- rating and many customers complain about its aggressive marketing and its use of bait and switch techniques when it comes to quoting fees. Clear Creek requires a large upfront fee and does not have a refund policy; so it is a good idea to get in writing which services are included before you pay any fees.

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0 votes

Hiring Clear Creek to resolve my tax issues was the best decision I ever made. They followed through with everything they said that they would, and got a great solution faster than I expected! I would definitely recommend them to anyone have IRS or State back tax problems.

0 votes

Awesome Service ...Not pushy sales rep But helpful Consultation

0 votes

OVER THE LAST TWO YEARS I HAVE PAID THIS COMPANY OVER $2000 FOR THERE INCOPENTENCE. They did nothing. I found them to be very incompetent. They did very little for me. They want more and more money and nothing to show for my money. Robert Mills was the one I worked with at first then many of his assistance came and went. Many times I could not even get a return call from Robert. Then Randi Nix came into play. She wanted another $2000, so I asked her for a ... cost brake-down of what they had done for me in the last two years six months later I get an apology with a brake- down of all the work that they did not do. I am right back where I started. They keep emailing me and calling me. Randi sent me this special lil email note. May 10, 2017

Debra, Your response to our closure letter was completely unnecessary and it does not really matter what you think of our company. Your lack of willingness to help yourself was the problem the entire time. Your case is closed now so go harass someone else. Randi Nix Senior Consultant Clear Creek Consulting, Inc. 285 Century Place, Suite 200 Louisville, CO 80027 Phone: (303) 426-1075 ext. 306 Fax: (719) 452-3653 Email: rnix@clear-creek-tax.com
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1 votes

DONT DO IT !!! , i could have used that money to pay some of the taxes , i have yet to receive a returned call after they took the money , so i called them ... and they say the forms they had me to fill out are wrong, why the hell , if they are so professional did they not call me as soon as they realized it ???

i can tell you why , cause the damn check already cleared and they are looking for another dummy ... , dont let it be you

that was an expensive lesson !!!
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1 votes

Let me start off first with there sales pitch. Remove 40% of penalties and interest in 30 to 45 days. Well for starters if your tax lien is fairly new than there is no way it's 40%. Secondly the IRS doesn't move within a 30-45 day guideline. And come on folks what attorneys do you know charge a flat rate? Any attorney worth a salt is going to charge a retainer and hourly rate. And the first rule is don't trust anyone who says they guarantee an outcome. But lastly, ... this outfit is a bunch of felons on parole and in halfway houses. I found out my rep was recently released from prison on a very serious charge and I am sharing personal information with him. From my understanding most of the sales reps are all convicted felons. Look at the the ripoff reports online and please check out who you are doing business with, check the links below to see about your representative and just a few examples of there deceiving tactics. My advice hire someone who has a local office and be smart. www.doc.state.co.us › oss (felon search) www.ripoffreport.com › Clear-Creek-Tax www.ripoffreport.com › CLEAR-CREEK... www.ripoffreport.com › CLEAR-CREEK... www.complaintsboard.com › complaints

Here is a posting on a review from the jobsite Indeed. Apparently nothing has changed.

Creepy Customer Service Representative (Former Employee), Westminster, CO – May 28, 2013 This buy far was the weirdest place i work i was 18 and i was the only one not on parole probation or work release the people were nice but kinda makes you think when your coworker are being picked up in cop cars
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1 votes

There was a guy who just called me from Clear Creek and he was a complete jack ass! DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will rip you off like no other. I have told them repeatedly that I was not interested in working with them and to remove my company from their call list. The guy Shawn was a complete jack ass. Again, DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 votes

pushy people, keep calling even after we asked them not to. they get nasty and threatening. They wait a couple of weeks and then start the calls again.

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