StopIRSDebt.com is a tax relief firm based in Los Angeles, California. The business was first incorporated in 2001. It is structured as a corporation and has a staff of 37 employees. According to StopIRSDebt.com, it employs tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents and has helped thousands of customers nationwide save millions of dollars in tax debt. However, it does not provide the names or qualifications of any of its tax professionals and acknowledges on its website that "due to staffing variances it may not have all forms of tax representation available at all times." StopIRSDebt.com is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating.

What Services does StopIRSDebt.com Offer?

StopIRSDebt.com provides tax preparation services, files delinquent tax returns and reports offshore bank accounts and assets. It also offers representation during IRS audits, 941 business payroll tax debt issues, and helps lift liens, levies, and wage garnishments.

How Does StopIRSDebt.com Work?

StopIRSDebt.com provides its customers with a free hotline and a complimentary initial consultation. It considers all types of tax liabilities, not just tax debts of over $10,000. Clients must determine whether the mediation fees are justified when it comes to smaller debts, particularly considering how easy it is to request installment payments directly to the IRS for tax debts of less than $10,000.

Once StopIRSDebt.com determines a business or individual may qualify for tax relief, it requires them to fill in Form 8821 and Form 2848, which authorizes it to request tax information and represent taxpayers before the IRS. After the investigation stage, StopIRSDebt.com starts negotiating with tax authorities and work toward a satisfactory resolution of their tax debt.

What Negotiation Options Does StopIRSDebt.com Explore?

StopIRSDebt.com looks into a long list of negotiation strategies. These negotiation options include offers in compromise, requesting an installment agreement, claiming a tax liability is currently not collectible, filing back taxes, and requesting releases from bank levies and wage garnishments.

What is StopIRSDebt.com ' Fee Schedule?

StopIRSDebt.com does not publicly disclose pricing. Taxpayers must first complete an initial consultation before they receive a flat-fee quote for the services offered by StopIRSDebt.com. 

Which States Does StopIRSDebt.com Operate In?

StopIRSDebt.com operates in all 50 states.

How is StopIRSDebt.com Better/Worse Than Other Tax Relief Companies?

StopIRSDebt.com employs tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents. Its website is well designed, easy to navigate and includes useful tax resources. StopIRSDebt.com has been in business for 14 years; it is an accredited business with the BBB and has A+ rating. In the last three years, it has only had two complaints with the BBB, all of which were resolved. The firm is fully accredited with NATP and ASTPS. 


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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Retainer Fee
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  • Bankruptcy
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  • State Taxes
  • CPAs On Staff
  • Enrolled Agents On Staff
  • Tax Attorneys On Staff
  • In-House Servicing
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0 votes

Today is the day! My offer went through and I can not begin to express my gratitude. Jade and Christina have been so good to me. I was embarrassed by this tax debt. I have wanted to clean up my credit and purchase a home eventually. The process was quite simple and every time I would call they would tell me it was ok and they were working on it.. I felt like it was just too simple.. but in the end these women did not steer me wrong. I ... have saved myself over $25,000 and I feel ecstatic. THANK YOU LADIES!! More Less

0 votes

I had a lot of work to do upon signing up for these services. I had not finished my books or filed for many years. I guess you can say I just ignored it all and hoped it would go away. Last year all my procrastinating finally caught up with me. I googled looking for someone to help me. I called in and spoke to Charlie. He was very direct. I stressed because I did not know where to start and what to do. My employer had received a letter ... to garnish my wages and i was freaking out. I worked with Jade. She was so pleasant to deal with. My garnishment was lifted within a couple of days of hiring the firm and then we had to get to work on my returns. I did not know again what to do. Jade read me all the places that I had worked and then she even went as far as to locate their contact numbers. She called the placed and asked for all of my papers and she even went through the paperwork helping me fill in the numbers. My books were handled and my returns completed. -slowly but surely I calmed and felt good about my hiring someone to help me. I really felt Jade was patient and she always told me it would be ok and and she was right. Here we are a year later. I am all filed. Balances were very much reduced and We were even able to get rid of some of those god awful penalties. I can not be happier and I mean this in the nicest way ever.. but I hope to never speak to them again. Thank you :) More Less

0 votes

I dealt with Christina on my tax account. She dealt with the attorney so there was no mumble jumble I did not understand. They delt with my Minnesota department of revenue tax leevvy. Minnesota done mess around they were taking all my check and took my bank account. Christina got them to let go of my check and my bank account. They spoke to that man who showed up at my door and he stopped calling me and eventually got me a good settlement. After that I called them to ... help me with the IRS. They sent me something about auditing my taxes. When I talked to christina she said my tax man did not put some stuff on my taxes and they found it. She fixed my taxes and then got them to give me a hardship. The hardship is good cuz I am retired and all i got ismy house. I like that Christina and I recommend her. More Less

0 votes

Stop the IRS people were very good. I keep my home and they make all the taxes for me. I had person who speak spanish and it help since my wife do not speak any ingles. I now owe no more monies and got a check form them. Gracias Beatriz.

0 votes

My husband and I had some taxes we owed. Not a ton but enough for the IRS to put a lien on our credit. Even though I set up a payment plan I could not get rid of the lien!!! I mean we owed $15,000 but still. I was paying $500 a month and they refused to remove it. I spoke to a nice man at stopirsdebt.com and he was very helpful. He explained there were guidelines and things that could be done. I really wanted to purchase a home ... but needed this lien gone. He told me that it would not be something done over night but in a timely manner and that he could get the payments down lower. I am now sitting in my new home and very happy. It took just over 4 months, but my payments were cut in half AND the lien removed. I think this is a great company and I am so thankful and happy I called to talk to them. More Less

0 votes

My daughter hired this company for me and I was not happy about it. I did not want to get myself into a scam or get in worse trouble. It ended up being the help I really needed. I think I sometimes need to not be stubborn and just allow people to help me. My business open and operating because of this company. I thought I was going to have to shut it down after 20 years of being in business all because I had a couple of rough years ... and did not pay the payroll taxes. I am very happy to have a settlement, with payments and I can still make money. More Less

0 votes

I dont like to write reviews... But They did help me out and I guess I will return the favor. It all went pretty smooth. Not a whole lot to it. I mean they gave me homework as I called it. Had to get them papers here and there, everything else they did and I was not bothered too much which I liked. My garnishment was lifted the next day after I paid them and they ended up with my settlement being done in about 6 months. I wish it ... was faster but it wasnt their fault, just how this goverment is... slow. More Less

0 votes

I am happy I hired stopirsdebt.com. They did a real good job for my wife and I. My wife was the skeptic one and truly nervous about the whole thing. I decided I had to take some sort of leap and do something because we were drowning. Finally after 9 long Months we have relief and I have the papers in hand that say so. I can not tell you what a relief it was working with people who answered all of my questions and really took the time to ... understand the amount of stress we were under. I saved over $15,000 and now have low monthly payments I can actually afford. Thank you Amanda,Jade and Ms. Beth! More Less

0 votes

They did a good job. I cant complain. I had an ugly audit and the IRS said I owed like $60,000. THey would not allow my truck expenses or my office stuff I claimed. There was other things too. I hired Stop IRS and they fought my audit. I had some records but not all. The Case Manager Jade was good and helping me find things and coming up with ideas for the stuff I needed. It took a while but I sure did not have to pay $60,000! so ... that was good. More Less

0 votes

My husband and I have a family plumbing business. I was terrified when they began to come after my children's bank accounts. We put our boys names on the business so that they could one day take over and if anything happened to us they have control. We messed up a bit and could not afford all the payroll taxes and when the IRS came looking for those they took money from my son's college account. I tried to tell them that my son has nothing to do with the ... business but the man at the IRS said that he could take my son's money because he was an owner. Scared I called stopirsdebt. Everyone was very calm and reassuring. Jade spoke to me frequently and got them to let go of my sons account in about 2 days. She helped us protect my boys and get something worked out so that we can still operate and make our bills. I am happy I hired them and would recommend them to everyone! More Less

0 votes

I was surprised with stop irs debt.com. I made the mistake of hiring another company several years ago and wow did that not pan out. I won't waste my time on even saying their name.. but if I read reviews maybe I would have just picked the right company in the first place. These people really got me going the right way with my taxes. THey made sure I got all my returns filed and they even showed me how I can not owe anymore. I am a contractor and ... this tax mess is really not for me. I dont like messing with papers and all that hoopla. We got my debt negogiated and when we was all done, I only had to pay about 20% of what I owed. SO hire them if you want smart folks who do their job. More Less

0 votes

What can I say? I really am at a loss and do not even know where to begin. First, I had a garnishment on my bank account. the IRS took over $6,000 from me!!! My baby was about to go to camp for the summer and I did not know how I was going to pay the bills and for the camp?! I spoke to Susan Ross and she just HANDLED it. Girl got my papers and HANDLED it. My money was back in the account the next day! The ... rest of the case took a little bit. We went back and forth and I gave them a bunch of stuff. We ended up settling and I now get to make $50 a month payments and they removed the penalties and fees from my tax bill. I have happy with these people and I highly recommend you let them help you out. More Less

0 votes

I have used stopirsdebt for the last year. They were some good people. I am happy that I called. I have struggled with this tax problem for what felt like forever. I can not stress how much the IRS really were ruining my life. I was fighting with my wife and the balances just kept getting bigger. I was a 1099 for the first time in my life and I did not realize that I was going to owe taxes like I did. Stop IRSdebt,com helped me get an offer ... in compromise. I will admit it took a while and I am not a patient man, but the end result is really what I care about. The end result is that I made 5 payments and now my debt is gone. I'm not a 1099 anymore but if I ever became one I now know what I got to do so this does not happen again. Thank you for the Offer in Compromise and for getting me to pay a little as possible. I'm glad yall did what you promised. More Less

0 votes

I am very happy with stopirsdebt.com. I came to them about 8 months ago. After calling several places and shopping around I decided to hire them. As I called all these other companies and spoke to their people, I did not get that feeling of "we care about you". I felt so pushed and like I was just 1 of 1000 people they spoken to that day. When I spoke to the woman at Stopirsdebt.com, I felt different. She was attentive and seemed to have a good knowledge on situations ... like mine. I was embarrassed that I had done this to myself and really did not want to talk to anyone about it.

Upon hire, I was given a ton of support. I was given updates every couple of weeks and if I called in with a question, someone answered it. My Offer Compromise was accepted and I ended up only paying about 15% of what I owed. I did not like that the IRS took 6 months to give me an answer... but in the end I got what I wanted and what I paid for... RELIEF! I am happy I found this company and I think anyone that takes a chance with them will be in good hands. Do yourself a favor and just DO IT!
More Less

0 votes

Total rip-off. Avoid StopIRS.com at all costs. The took me for a ride by promising closure with the IRS in less that six months and after one year IRS rejected my offer. They had not done one thing in the meantime to help. AVOID.

0 votes

Avoid. I had some unreported overseas accounts, not more than $34k, which I wanted to declare and clean up. The person on their end told me she could help and then took me for $10k to sort it all out. After submitting years of records, nothing happened, then they told me my file had been "lost " by the IRS and I needed to pay another $5k to continue representation. As if not bad enough, they no longer had my file because they sent it to IRS and 'we ... do not keep copies for security reasons' so I had to recompile all over again. Getting the picture? If you are like me, you hate record keeping and thought paying someone and doing it once would take care of it.

After receiving a call from the IRS to determine where my files were, I asked if I was doing something wrong in this process. They walked me through all the steps, solved my problem, charged me a settlement of $3k and never dealt with StopIRS.com. The IRS woman was actually shocked when I told her my story and how much I had paid my 'representatives'. Sorry, they might help some but they screwed me. I say AVOID and don't believe the self-serving nonsense from these companies that you cannot do it yourself, that you must have representation. Stop IRS are in it for their end, and you are a pawn in their process. AVOID.
More Less

1 votes

Funny, the name of this company is what I put in the search engine when I was desperately seeking help. I wasn't sure where to turn. The notice from the IRS saying I owed them $14,000 nearly gave me a heart attack. I wanted to stop IRS debt right then and there! I talked to someone there and got started right away. Probably a rash decision, but it turned out to be a good one.

0 votes

News flash! The IRS does not settle unpaid back taxes only under very special circumstances they grant relief

Do yourself a favor, call the IRS make installment agreement for the next 6 years to pay off your debt there's no other way out...

0 votes

I am a roofing contractor, have had many run-ins with the state if florida and in turn the IRS and we got hit with a bill over 85k. Way too much for me to handle on my own, asked my accountant but he said collection work for this amount of money was beyond his league (he didn't want to endanger my company by learning as he went how this process works) so we both decided to research firms and go with one that looked reputable and made sense out of ... the gate. It was about 30 minutes later when I saw an ad for these guys and hit up my accountant, and we called and spoke to Vincent who gave us our options and explained how the process works. He never told me an amount he could save me, he was very realistic about how the company works and that they need to get all the research done before even attempting to negotiate with the state and the IRS. We then called 2-3 more companies, and each one told me after 5 minutes they could save my thousands of dollars and then hit us with the hard sell. Not a very good reflection of the industry to be honest, but we called Vincent back, asked him about how much we could save since the other companies told us this and that, and he refused to go there. 'Regardless of what I tell you or promise you, you need to get help Mathew. Look around, hopefully you find a company and a team you're comfortable working on this with for a few months.'That's all it took, we hired him and never looked back. So many positive things said about this company, and I am one of them. Overall, they stopped all the collections with both the state of florida and the IRS, and after our payment plan and penalties were abated, we will have reduced the overall debt by over 60%. Just awesome, and they did it with honesty and diligence. Competitors take note: be more like stopirsdebt.com and you will win over a lot more clients. So there it is, another happy client. More Less

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