Tax Defense Network is a large tax relief company based in Jacksonville, Florida. The company was launched in 1997 and has resolved over $3 billion in tax debt. It has tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs on staff. Tax Defense Network is an accredited BBB business with an A+ rating. It holds a 1A1 rating with Dun & Bradstreet and a Silver Power Profile. Tax Defense Network is also a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the National Association of Tax Professionals. 

What Services does Tax Defense Network Offer?

Tax Defense Network provides tax representation on state and federal tax cases for taxpayers in all 50 states. TDN tax professionals offers tax relief for the following tax problems:

- Back taxes

- Tax liens

- Tax levies

- Tax penalties

- Payroll taxes

How Does Tax Defense Network Work?

Tax Defense Network offers a no-cost evaluation of an individual's status with the IRS and state collection authorities. Qualified clients receive a plan of action that details the resolution options Tax Defense Network can provide. Following the initial consultation, the taxpayer is under no obligation to move forward with Tax Defense Network.

What Negotiation Options Does Tax Defense Network Explore?

Tax Defense Network employs licensed tax professionals to assess each taxpayer's circumstances to determine what tax relief options are available.

These options include:

- Offers in Compromise

- Installment Agreements

- Currently Not Collectible Status

- Penalty Abatements

- Levy and Lien Appeals

What is Tax Defense Network' Fee Schedule?

Tax Defense Network's fees are dependent on the specifics of each case. Individuals seeking assistance are advised of the cost for the services required to resolve the tax issue in question. No money is required up front and Tax Defense Network offers flexible payments. Financing options are available for qualified applicants.

Which States Does Tax Defense Network Operate In?

Tax Defense Network assists taxpayers with every level of IRS collection action in all 50 states.

How is Tax Defense Network Better/Worse Than Other Tax Relief Companies?

Tax Defense Network focuses solely on tax debt solutions and has assisted thousands of taxpayers with both IRS and state tax issues. Tax Defense Network is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating.

Tax Defense Network has enrolled agents, certified public accountants,and tax attorneys on staff. It has resolved over $3 billion in tax debt and holds a 1A1 rating with Dun & Bradstreet. TDN is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the National Association of Tax Professionals. 

  • Minimum Tax Debt Required
  • Flexible Payments
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • No Retainer Fee
  • Average Fees
  • CPAs On Staff
  • Enrolled Agents On Staff
  • Tax Attorneys On Staff
  • In-House Servicing
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0 votes

I was unemployed for several years earning money on the side. I was scared to death to get another job because I owed so much from years past and couldn't pay it. I was living penny to penny. A family friend encouraged me to call Tax Defense Network and I'm so glad that they did. Best day of my life was hearing Jessie tell me the IRS said you don't have to pay a dime! Wahoo!!

0 votes

My name is Brian and I have worked with TDN for about a year on our case. We have a business that the IRS was attempting to take away. Our business has been in our family for years so my main goal was to keep it. Tax Defense Network worked with us every step of the way and I'm still the proud owner of The Cortland Company...Go TDN GO!

0 votes

The Tax Defense Network did for me what no other company could do. They made getting help and hiring an attorney AFFORDABLE for someone like me to afford legal help. They were non judgmental and worked with me every step of the way. I can't say thank you enough.

0 votes

HORRAY for Tax Defense Network!  You are the best in the business and I am so glad we found you. Your team of experts are highly experienced in the IRS code. Without that, we wouldn't be tax debt free. Thanks,  Tax Defense Network.

0 votes

Thank you to Tax Defense Network and their attorneys. The IRS is finally leaving me alone and so is the state after dealing w/  them on my own for 5 years. Enough was enough! Thanks!

1 votes

Not really happy that we have to still pay so many penalties, but that really isn't TDN's fault. The IRS is just difficult to deal with, one day when regulations change, we'll see what happens. Tax Defense Network did a good job on our case, we'd use them again for sure.

0 votes

We're happy to have worked with such a professional staff. Tax isn't easy to deal with, from our side or the professionals side. There's always a lot of details that could be easily missed. Our tax professional was Jessie and she did a great job for us.

0 votes

We paid Tax Defense Network almost $4000, we still have a tax debt, but it was so worth it. There's no way we could have gone into an IRS audit on our own. Hats off to Tax Defense Network. You are the best!

0 votes

I didn't know that the IRS could take your paycheck, until they took mine. My husband hadn't filed his taxes in years and when we finally filed and realized we owed, we thought we could pay it before they got to us. That didn't happen. We called tax defense network and they got my check back and we're now making payments. We'll have this paid off in about a year, which is fine...as long as we have our paychecks. Thanks!

0 votes

The issue we had was I worked in NM and lived in NV, so I had tax implications from all over. Tax Defense Network took our case by the horns and figured out who we needed to pay what to. That was the biggest relief knowing that the nightmare of dealing with several different agencies was over! I'd recommend Tax Defense Network to anyone having big or small tax problems.

1 votes

These guys cost way too much money for how little they can actually do to help you. I seriously don't know how some of these people can sleep at night.

1 votes

I really thought I'd walk away with less debt, but that didn't happen. Wishful thinking? I'm happy anyway because I don't have to deal with the IRS anymore. I will just file my return like Tax Defense Network said to do and stay on  this payment plan for a few years and then I can get refunds again.

0 votes

I will keep this short. Tax Defense Network is a top notch tax resolution company. I gave them my problem and they found me solutions. They were concerned about my tax problem, but also gave me the ability to buy my first home. I would have had no way to do that if I didn't get all of my years of t ax returns caught up. Thank you, TDN! You are okay in my book!

0 votes

My tax debt was out of control until I found Tax Defense Network. I had not filed a return in over 10 years. I was not sure where to start since my work history was off and on. How do you find documents after all these years? I called TDN, they called the IRS and got of the papers we needed.  I paid these folks to file my returns and get me back on track. I'm nearing retirement and there was no way I could do this on my own. ... Now, I can retire in the next year or so and not have to worry about the IRS. Great job, Tax Defense Network. More Less

0 votes

"I was  extremely worried when I got  the notice my boss would be taking money from my check for the IRS.  I didn't realize that my tax problem had gone so past due. I knew it was bad, but didnt know it was SO bad. I called Tax Defense Network and they began working on my case from   day 1. From Wendy to Norm to Sarah, everyone I spoke with was amazing. I presented them all the documents they requested and shortly after I was on the right course and received my full salary ... back! Thanks a lot! " More Less

0 votes

I am a traveling nurse and I have a lot of travel expenses. I was audited for a few years because of the expenses that my accountant claimed that I had, and I didnt have them. I needed somebody that understood my situation and can help me to deal with it. They educated me on what I can write off and what I can't and now I'm on a straight path with the IRS. It feels good. Thank you for your help! I dont know what I might have done ... without your lawyers. More Less

0 votes

I got completely screwed by Tax Defense Network. They got my money and then strung me along like they were actually doing something to help me with my IRS debt. Turns our they didn't do anything that I couldn't have done myself! What a ripoff!

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