Send Money From Chime to Cash App


Sending money from Chime to Cash App is a breeze, allowing you to split bills and handle transactions effortlessly. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to link your Chime bank account with your Cash App account and send funds seamlessly. Plus, we’ll explore alternative methods for sending money from Chime to various platforms. Let’s dive in!

Imagine you’re at dinner with friends, and the bill arrives. Your friend prefers to pay with their rewards credit card, and they ask you to send your share via Cash App. However, you had planned to use your Chime debit card since your Cash App balance is low. No worries! You can easily send money from Chime to Cash App with just a few simple steps.

How to send money from Chime to Cash App

This may seem obvious, but the first thing you’ll need to do is download both the Cash App and the Chime app onto your mobile device. Then follow the prompts to set up your new mobile bank accounts.

Step-by-step guide to sending money from Chime to Cash App

  1. Link Cash App to your Chime account: Open Cash App and under your profile click “Linked Banks.”
  2. Add your Chime Account: From there, you can either add your Chime account and routing numbers, Chime debit card number, expiration, and CVV, or replace your existing debit card with your Chime account. (You cannot have two debit cards linked to your Cash App account at the same time.)
  3. Send your funds through Cash App: Once your Chime account details are entered, you can send the desired amount, which will be deducted from your Chime account instantly.

You can use this method to transfer funds from Chime to fund your own Cash App account or to send money to someone else’s Cash App debit card or Cash App accounts.

Other ways to send and withdraw money from Chime

There are a few other ways to send money from Chime even if the person you’re transferring money to doesn’t have a Chime account. You can also withdraw money from your Chime account even if you don’t have a Chime debit card.

How to send money from Chime to someone without a Chime app

You can also send money from your Chime account to someone without the Chime app (or who isn’t a Cash App user), using popular peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platforms like Zelle, Venmo, and PayPal.

In addition, Chime offers a “Pay Anyone” feature, allowing you to send money to individuals without Chime accounts or other P2P services. You’ll need their phone number or email address for this, and they’ll have 14 days to claim the funds. They only need a valid debit card to claim the funds, or they can open a Chime account.

How to withdraw money from Chime without a debit card

To withdraw money from Chime without a debit card, you can link an external bank account and initiate a transfer. This ACH transfer typically takes three to five business days to complete. Once the funds are in your linked bank account, you can withdraw them using your bank’s debit card or by visiting a branch and filling out a withdrawal slip.

Alternatively, if you do have a Chime debit card, you can go to an ATM or withdraw money from Chime by making a purchase at a store that offers cash back when using a debit card.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re splitting dinner bills or paying back a friend, knowing how to send money from Chime to Cash App is a valuable tool. It takes just a few seconds and can be done in a couple of straightforward steps.


How do I fund my Chime account?

You can fund your Chime account in one of three ways:

  • Electronic transfers from external bank accounts
  • Direct deposits from employers
  • Deposit cash through participating retailers like Walgreens, Walmart, and others (fees may apply)

Can you pay your bills with your Chime or Cash App accounts?

You can use either your Chime account or Cash App transfer to pay your bills automatically. Keep in mind that not all merchants are set up to accept these types of instant transfer payments. Refer to your mobile Chime or Cash App for details, or contact customer service.

Using your Chime or Cash App balance to pay your bills can be a great way to make sure you never make a late payment, which can hurt your credit score.

How do you transfer money from Chime?

Transferring money from your Chime account can be done through various methods, including linking an external bank account and initiating an ACH transfer. You can also withdraw cash using your Chime debit card or by making a purchase at select stores that offer cash back.

Key Takeaways

  • Sending money from your Chime account to Cash App is quick and easy, allowing for seamless transactions.
  • You’ll need your own Chime and Cash App accounts to transfer money between the two apps.
  • You can link your Chime account to Cash App and send funds in just a few simple steps.
  • Alternative methods include sending money from Chime to other P2P payment platforms and withdrawing funds without a debit card.
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