Mint is, arguably, the most powerful and comprehensive free personal finance app around. The only problem is it has a steep learning curve and requires you to invest a ton of time before you can even begin to see its true potential. This means only anal retentive, type-A, financially geeks without a life (sigh) get […]

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Whether you are just making the break from the 9-to-5 routine or already are a serial entrepreneur, having the right tools is important. It can play a major role in distinguishing between a successful freelancing career and a quick retreat back to a regular job. Savvy freelancers and entrepreneurs know that even on a tight […]

With tax season right around the corner, the tax man will soon be knocking at your door. Though filing your taxes and keeping track of them is probably not your favorite task, new apps on the market are making the often dreaded chore a little easier. Many of these handy mobile apps for taxes are […]