consolidat debt with credit card

Considering that American consumers currently carry $3.8 billion in overall debt, it’s not surprising if you find yourself buried under a mountain of bills. Credit cards and personal loans can quickly add up to a mountain of debt. To dig out of debt and make your way to financial freedom, you might be considering consolidating […]

Best Balance Transfer Cards

Half of Americans carry credit card debt. (Source) If you’re one of them and your goal is to be debt-free, not paying interest on what you owe is a good first step. Consider moving your high-interest credit card debt to a balance transfer credit card. Balance transfer cards give you up to 21 months to […]

Credit Cards Balance Transfer

Credit card interest rates can get so high even loan sharks blush. Interest rates of 25% and 30% or now so common we don’t even blink when we see them on credit card agreements. Not long ago, openly charging that type of interest would be enough to put you in jail. In many states, such […]