Whether you love him or can’t stand him, there’s no denying the fact that Adam Sandler is one of America’s greatest comedic geniuses of our time. He is probably best known for his funny and sometimes raunchy comedic films that seem to have no point other than to make us laugh until our sides ache. […]

One way many celebrities differ from ordinary folks is their ability to donate eye-popping sums to charities and causes that are close to their hearts. Celebrities in fields ranging from sports to fashion frequently give, and give generously. In some cases, giving continues even after the celebrities themselves have passed away. The celebrities on this […]

Being famous and rich is all very good, but nothing turns heads and shouts “celebrity” like a customized super car. Here is our top 20 list of super cars owned by celebrities. You might not recognize some of these celebrities if they walked past you on the street, but you sure wouldn’t miss their cars. […]

Kids who live a lavish lifestyle courtesy of their rich parents can usually count on future financial security, and a continued life of luxury. One potential heir who will not benefit from such inherited wealth is Jaycee Chan, son of iconic action movie star Jackie Chan. Negating an earlier pledge to leave only half his […]