Secured Credit Card title

Love them or hate them, credit cards are a necessity. Don’t agree? Try making a hotel or plane reservation, rent a car or going shopping online without a credit card. You will soon see how biased our world is against people who don’t have credit cards. Related article: Want a Student Credit Card? Here Are […]

Your credit score is your financial passport. It is needed to secure a line of credit, open a bank account, get a home or auto loan, and sometimes even to secure employment. But what do you do when your score is below a “fair” rating? Is there any way to repair your credit score on […]

Credit repair companies exist to help individuals repair their overall credit score by handling the process on their behalf. They help clients evaluate their credit report to identify the possible inaccurate information. They can then act on your behalf to challenge those items as well as those that are unfair or unsubstantiated and request that […]