How to pass a rental credit check

When you find a rental that fits your budget and requirements, you want to make sure your application floats to the top of the pile. Landlords and property management services want someone who will pay rent on time, won’t cause trouble, and will keep the place in good condition. A credit check is one of […]

Your credit score is your financial passport. It is needed to secure a line of credit, open a bank account, get a home or auto loan, and sometimes even to secure employment. But what do you do when your score is below a “fair” rating? Is there any way to repair your credit score on […]

FICO, the creator of the most widely used credit scoring software, announced on Thursday that it will be releasing its newest product very soon. FICO® Score 9 will include three major changes which could potentially impact millions of consumers across America who are currently struggling with certain kinds of debt. Related article: 9 Reasons Why Some […]

If you’re ever on a game show and they ask you what your most important financial number is, make sure to answer, “my credit score.” This 3-digit number is responsible for much of what happens in your financial life. It is your credit score that determines how high or low the interest rates you pay […]

Maintaining good credit is essential to your financial well being. If you ever intend to purchase a home or rent an apartment, or even get a new job, expect to have your credit pulled. The contents of your credit report, along with your FICO score, make all the difference between being approved or denied. Many […]


When it comes to love, dating and marriage, your figure is important, particularly if you’re a woman. A recent study “discovered” that men find women with an hourglass figure – those with bust, waist and hips measurements with ratios in the neighborhood of 36-24-36 — more attractive. Shocking, I know. An equally surprising study revealed […]

Improving your credit score is like trying to lose weight. The principles are simple; putting them into practice, not so much. If you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat. Sound simple? Improving your credit score is also simple: check whether there are any errors in your credit report […]

Important Personal Finance

Money matters. How you manage it matters even more. According to a study from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, money buys happiness but only up to a point. Once you hit an annual household income of $75,000 the effect money has on happiness flattens out. However, a sense of control over your finances does correlate […]