Ten Alternatives To Credit Cards

You may have a damaged credit profile and be unable to qualify for a regular credit card. Or you may simply wish to avoid taking on high interest credit card debt. In either case, you don’t have a credit card and won’t be obtaining one anytime soon.  Nonetheless, you still need access to some means […]

Ready to buy a new home, but not sure if your credit is in good enough shape to qualify you? Preparing your credit to apply for a mortgage and get a loan with a favorable interest rate requires keeping these 10 tips in mind. Related article: 10 Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying A New Home […]

Card Mistakes

America’s love affair with credit cards seems to be going sour. At the very least, the honeymoon is officially over. In 2012, twice as many consumers between the ages of 18 and 35 reported not having a credit card than in 2007. Moreover, those who do have credit cards are now less likely to use […]