Car Sales

There are few purchases we agonize over more than buying a car. For most of us, buying a big-ticket item like a car is a huge deal, so nobody should fault us for trying to squeeze the best deal possible out of the auto dealer. The problem is that when it comes to negotiating the best possible price […]

Christmas Shopping

The Holiday Loan Debt Trap

Just hearing the words “Black Friday” can generate a frenzy among hardcore shoppers. The holiday season represents a unique potential financial landmine because of the high emotions that run during the festive months of October, November, and December.But no matter how great that new LED TV looks in your family room, digging yourself into a […]

Easy Credit

Instant cash equals instant financial relief … or does it? You see them on T.V. all the time; those annoying commercials that promise “Instant cash now,” or, “cash for your car now!” Related: Check out SuperMoney’s top personal loan reviews. There’s a reason those crafty lenders use the word “now” over and over again. They know there […]

Empty Wallet

Your Friends Are Putting You in Debt

Wallet Empty from Keeping Up with Your Friends? It’s an accepted practice in the weight loss world. Stay away from friends who overeat and dine on junk food, so that you don’t do the same. But did you also know the same applies to your finances? Hang out with people who value a frugal, financially […]

Shopping With Friends

Avoid Debt Traps with these Dos and Don’ts

Maybe you were bored, maybe you were hungry, maybe you went over to a friend´s house and saw her new HDTV. And you just had to have one too. You headed straight for the mall or your fave electronics store. And then, well, it was all such a blur, and suddenly you´ve got quite a […]

Student Loans

Don’t Defer, Pay Student Loans Early

With classes to attend and homework to complete, you probably haven’t thought much about paying off your student loans. Deferring payment until after graduation is common practice and easy, but putting off repayment can be costly. Loan capitalization costs If you have an unsubsidized student loan, which starts accruing interest as soon as you take […]

Drowning in debt is bad enough, but getting harassed by debt collectors makes it even worse. “A lot of people believe that a debt collector has every right to treat them like crap and they have to suffer in silence because they owe money,” says consumer rights lawyer Gary Nitzkin. “They don’t have to suffer abuse.” Continue reading