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Best Debt Settlement Companies of 2018

Debt continues to be the top cause of stress for Americans. According to the 2017 “Stress in America” report, the majority of Americans said that money (62 percent) and the economy (58 percent) are significant sources of stress (source). Stress certainly doesn’t help when it comes to making smart financial choices. It’s easy to get confused […]

what is debt settlement

Credit card debt is a major financial problem in the United States. Unfortunately, many consumers are not receiving the help they need and deserve because of a misunderstanding of how debt settlement works. Others are jumping into a debt settlement when there are other options available that are less damaging to their credit. Don’t allow […]

Wages Garnished? Here’s What to Do Next

Before your wages are garnished, several things must’ve happened. One, you should’ve received numerous notices in the mail from your creditors. Two, phone calls from debt collectors must’ve reached the extreme until finally, they stopped. Related article: 8 Important Things Debt Collection Agents Don’t Want You to Know So, having your wages garnished should not […]


If your nerves are in tatters from screening calls and your thumb is sore from hitting ignore on your cell phone, it’s time to pull your head out of the sand. Get familiar with your rights when it comes to debt collection. Chances are you have more options than you might expect regarding your debt […]