Keeping up with the ever-changing trends of fashion is expensive, right? Wrong. Yes, things may change from season to season, but despite this misnomer, I can tell you firsthand that you don’t have to offer up your first born to stay fashionable. You see, before I managed to pay off my credit cards, I was […]

Cheap vs Frugal: Which One Are You?

A good friend hints she wants a pricey crystal vase you see while shopping together. Her birthday is looming, but there’s no way you’re going to shell out that kind of money. Then you notice the store is having a 30 percent off sale. Do you check to see if you can get an even […]

life hacks save money month

Tired of wondering where your hard-earned money disappears to all the time? Sometimes, paying yourself first doesn’t work if you are still broke by the end of the month. Combine several of the life hacks below and you’ll save $100s every month. 1. Switch to a free checking account — $5 to $20 You might […]

That old patio furniture, the copper pipes from your kitchen remodel, those old necklaces sitting on the bottom of your jewelry box. You might be sitting on a small fortune. There’s a reason why you see so many commercials asking for your old clunkers, appliances, and junk. Commodity metals like steel, aluminum and copper are extremely […]

You may love your wheels, but your bank account may tell a different story. Between maintenance, depreciation, parking fees, insurance, and oh, yes, gas – you are undoubtedly spending major coin to keep your car in working order and yourself on the right side of the law. How much? According to figures from the 2013 […]