Philip Taylor is a CPA-turned-blogger who founded FinCon, the annual conference for influencers in personal finance and investing. We recently spoke with Philip to hear his thoughts on simple investing strategies and positive money messages. What is FinCon, and how does it try to help its members and followers? FinCon is a peer conference for […]

Mr. and Mrs. Groovy, who blog over at Freedom Is Groovy, are big proponents of financial independence, small government, and leading a groovy lifestyle. We caught up with the Groovys to hear their advice on saving money, tackling debt, and living frugally. Tell us a bit about yourselves. Why did you decide to adopt the […]

Anum Yoon is a millennial money expert and the founder of Current on Currency. We had a chance to speak with Anum about the financial challenges associated with being an international student, and learned a few tips on how millennials can make smart money decisions. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Why did you […]

Zina Kumok is a freelance writer specializing in personal finance and writes a blog about how she paid off her student loans at We recently sat down with Zina to hear her secrets about paying off debt, budgeting wisely, and saving money for the future. Tell us a little bit about your financial journey. […]

ruzbeh bacha city falcon financial news

Ruzbeh Bacha is the founder and CEO of CityFALCON, has 15 years of investing and trading experience and has worked at Nokia, Skype, and Microsoft. He’s a qualified accountant (KPMG), has an MBA from University of Oxford and can also build scalable applications himself. CityFALCON offers personalized financial news, using machine learning and crowd curation. […]

pamela yellen interview bank on yourself

Pamela Yellen is a financial security expert, founder of Bank On Yourself, and the author of two New York Times best-selling books. She spent some time with us recently to talk about investing and saving strategies, and to tell us why you should only entrust your money with one person: yourself. Tell us about your […]


Zachary Storella is a macro investor that specializes in trading the global foreign exchange market. We recently sat down with Zachary to learn more about the world of Forex trading, and to listen to his advice for novice traders. Tell us a little about your background. Why did you decide to start Counting Pips? I […]

How do millennials manage personal finance?

Jessica Moorhouse is an award-winning personal finance blogger, and host of the Mo’ Money Podcast. She’s featured frequently as a finance expert in The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post, and Lifehacker, and most recently founded the Millennial Money Meetup to help promote financial literacy among Millennials. Jessica took a moment out of her busy […]


Amie Clark, co-founder and frequent contributor to, has had the privilege of working with seniors throughout her social work career in the areas of senior housing and care coordination. We recently checked in with Amie to hear her thoughts on the costs of elder care and how to find the ideal senior care facility […]