Sure the bathroom mirror is the easiest place to snap a selfie. But how exciting is easy? This hot list of some of the most exotic, inspiring and unusual locations to click a selfie are sure to make you the envy of your friends and immortalize you in selfie history. 1. Sunset Beach, North Shore […]

Your home is a big investment. When you are looking to spend money on improvements or upgrades, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Even if you don’t have plans to move, keeping new trends and other value-based factors in mind is always a good idea. Typically, the trends that make a […]

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How Does My Credit Score Affect My Life?

You may have heard or read the advice that you should work to maintain your credit if you have good credit, and to improve your credit If you have bad credit. But you may wonder just how much your credit actually affects your life. If you are attempting to make changes in your life, your […]


Despite my age (suffice it to say I’m older than 12), Walt Disney World is still one of my favorite places on the planet…and it’s a pretty big planet! Disney always impresses me with their cleanliness, efficiency, awesome staff, and their awe-inspiring ability to take a theme and run with it. I’m probably as hard-core […]


When it comes to shopping, you’ve got it down to a science; you budget, haggle, comparison shop, and find the bargains. You always make sure you’re getting maximum bang for your buck. But what about those everyday household products? Are you sure you’re getting all your money’s worth? Most household product packaging just isn’t designed […]

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What’s In A Credit Score?

A credit score is a number ranging from 300-850, which creditors use to evaluate how well you will potentially be able to repay your bills. There are three credit bureaus: Transunion, Experian, and Equifax. These agencies receive information about you from creditors and compile that information into a credit risk score. Some creditors send information […]

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Ah, another new year. A time of renewal, re-commitment, and new ideas. It’s a new year, chock full of possibility. We all get excited in the early months of a new year to get ourselves in shape and it follows that we should take advantage of our beginning-of-the-year enthusiasm to get our finances in order […]


The holiday meals are long digested and the presents seem like a distant memory when your January monthly bills and credit card statements come flooding in and break you out of a post-holiday stupor. If you succumbed to a buying high last month in a rush to make the season merry and bright, some budget […]