How to manage personal finances

Managing your personal finances successfully should definitely be on the top of your to do list. You know that a well-ordered financial house makes for a smoother, happier life, but the idea of getting your finances in order can be a bit daunting. Clear up the confusion with this handy guide on how to create […]

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Lackluster or non-existent organizational skills can be just as dangerous to your financial health as being short on cash. Related article: The Complete Guide to Setting Financial Goals and How to Achieve Them Clutter and confusion can make it hard to keep track of balances and payment due dates. And losing sight of those key […]

When it comes to planning for our financial future, many Americans are perfectly content to live carefree in the knowledge that worrying about tomorrow will only ruin a perfectly good today. But still there are some of us who have accepted the reality that in order to secure a stable financial future, we need to […]

Back in your parents’ day, people learned to be satisfied with what they had and to save for a rainy day. The ongoing financial crisis is teaching some of those lessons all over again. But today’s world is different, and there are new lessons that you should teach your kids about money. Related article: 7 […]

Mint is, arguably, the most powerful and comprehensive free personal finance app around. The only problem is it has a steep learning curve and requires you to invest a ton of time before you can even begin to see its true potential. This means only anal retentive, type-A, financially geeks without a life (sigh) get […]

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Will Durant Our habits make us who we are and, to a large extent, determine how financially successful we are. Sure, where we are born, our genes and good old dumb luck come in handy. Yet, too often we forget […]

You might think that big expenses make or break a budget, but the fact is, your day-to-day expenditures can either build your finances up or break them down. A dollar here and a dollar there soon equals $20, which morphs into $100. Before you know it, you’ve busted your budget and are in the red. […]

We’ve all heard the saying “be smart with your money,” but how many of us actually practice what we preach? These days it takes more than cutting back on expenses and watching your wallet to make ends meet. You have to be proactive and take those smarts to a whole new level. Improving your financial IQ […]