Saving money for retirement is something that just about everyone knows they should be doing. The sad reality however, is that very few of us are actually saving enough money to allow us to be able to enjoy a financially comfortable retirement. So, how much money should we be saving each month towards our retirement? […]

So you’re close to hitting 35, huh? The clock is ticking and the time we could get away with procrastinating about financial decisions is over. Sigh. This doesn’t mean you have to kiss your free spirit goodbye. No financial goal is worth that; but there are some milestones you may want to consider before it’s […]

How much would you pay to get a one-on-one meeting with the best stock picker in living memory and ask him for advice on how to invest for your retirement? You could try to win the annual power lunch with Warren Buffett offered annually by the Glide Foundation. The winning bid of the 2014 auction, […]

What is a Roth IRA? Back to Basics

Planning for your retirement is an important part of maintaining your financial health. An individual retirement account or IRA represents one of several resources at your disposal. Depending on your individual circumstances, a Roth IRA may represent a smart addition or substitute for a traditional IRA. Roth Versus Traditional IRA One of the biggest distinctions […]

Like many Americans nearing retirement age, you may be eagerly anticipating the last time that you punch a clock or fight traffic to get into the office before the boss.  But if you’re smart, you’ll follow the same savvy strategy that a majority of Americans followed in 2012: waiting until they reach full retirement age […]

If you have a 401(k) with a former employer, besides cleaning out your desk, it’s necessary to determine what to do with your money once you exit the company. A variety of options are available, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Considering that making the wrong decision when it comes to your investment savings can […]

Fixed Income

It used to be that the golden years were a little more golden. In addition to social security benefits, you’d retire with a pension, and you could live off the interest earned on retirement savings. Add a lower cost of living and higher home equity to the equation, and living the good life was easy. […]

Important Personal Finance

Money matters. How you manage it matters even more. According to a study from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, money buys happiness but only up to a point. Once you hit an annual household income of $75,000 the effect money has on happiness flattens out. However, a sense of control over your finances does correlate […]