Saving money for retirement is something that just about everyone knows they should be doing. The sad reality however, is that very few of us are actually saving enough money to allow us to be able to enjoy a financially comfortable retirement. So, how much money should we be saving each month towards our retirement? […]

Back in your parents’ day, people learned to be satisfied with what they had and to save for a rainy day. The ongoing financial crisis is teaching some of those lessons all over again. But today’s world is different, and there are new lessons that you should teach your kids about money. Related article: 7 […]

Spending Detox

If you’ve ever fasted before, if you participate in Lent, if you’ve ever gone on a diet—consider a spending detox the financial version of all those things. Choose a week (or a month if you can take it) to cut down on extras, and stick to the basics. No shopping sprees, no eating out, no […]


Do you still carry a flip phone, or worse, no mobile phone at all? Are you still dropping off rolls of film at your neighborhood drug store? Change for its own sake is often questionable, but holding on to outdated equipment can be detrimental to your work from home business. You could be creating a […]