While starting a new company and being your own boss may be the American dream, finding capital to start the business can sometimes be the biggest road block. You’ve got the idea for the next best thing in the business world, and you’re sure it’s going to be a huge hit. But your financial forecast […]

How to Launch a Nonprofit Corporation

Are you passionate about promoting responsible recycling in your community? Perhaps you want to encourage responsible gun ownership or reduce homelessness. Maybe your side hustle turned into something much, much more. If you have an idea on how to translate your passion into potentially effective action, perhaps you should consider forming a nonprofit corporation. The […]

As a small business owner, you understandably keep a close eye on the bottom line. But like many individuals, you may also have concerns about the environmental impact of your company’s operations. The good news is that going green is not only good for the planet, it may very well enhance your business through increased […]