understanding your paycheck

Everyone is happy when payday comes around. If paid by the hour, most people have a general idea of how much that paycheck will be based upon how many hours have been worked in the pay period. For those with jobs based upon an annual salary, there is also an expectation (based on the monthly […]


Why Getting a Tax Refund Sucks

You may have seen commercials or ads featuring happy families wearing leis around their necks, men checking out big-boy toys or women clutching multiple shopping bags with labels like Burberry or Saks Fifth Avenue – all courtesy of a big income tax refund from Uncle Sam. The average federal income tax refund is indeed substantial […]

With tax season right around the corner, the tax man will soon be knocking at your door. Though filing your taxes and keeping track of them is probably not your favorite task, new apps on the market are making the often dreaded chore a little easier. Many of these handy mobile apps for taxes are […]