Financing Platform for Trade Schools

Help your students finance their trade school education.

What can SuperMoney’s trade school financing solution offer?

Loans up to $100k

Students can borrow up to $100K at low rates to pay for your trade school classes

For all types of credit

Our financing solution offers loan programs for students with all types of credit

No fees or paperwork

SuperMoney’s turn-key financing solution won’t cost you a penny. It's all electronic - so no more paperwork!

The trade and technical school industry has an estimated annual revenue of $10 billion, according to a 2017 report by IBISWorld. That sounds impressive until you realize the sector has had a negative annual growth of 6.3% from 2012 to 2017. According to the Imagine America Foundation, one of the top reasons students don’t seek higher education is that they don’t think they can afford it. Providing a free financing tool to students could help increase enrollment and expand your school.

What types of vocational schools does SuperMoney work with?

We offer our turn-key financing solution to all types of trade schools, including:

  • Art & Design

  • Automotive

  • Coding Camp

  • Cosmetology

  • Culinary

  • Healthcare

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What is the financing process like for the students?

Step 1. Access the application through the financing page

You will be given a link to a co-branded financing page unique to your business. Your students will access this page through the link you provide on your business website. On this financing page, students can learn about the process of applying for financing and the types of educational programs that can be funded.

Experience what your students will experience.

See for yourself just how simple our application is!

Check out the financing page

Why does your trade school need a financing program?

  • Trade schools that offer flexible financing can help students who don't have the savings or family backing to fund their new career.
  • Students with access to financing can register for more classes and complete their training sooner.
  • One short form. Students will see what terms, rates, and loan amounts they qualify for with multiple lenders.
  • Soft credit pull. Applying for credit will not hurt your students’ credit score.
  • Approvals in seconds. Backend office reporting access. You’ll know when your student is approved and funded.
  • No dealer or discount fees.

Investing in a student financing program makes sense. However, SuperMoney's financing program is free, which makes it an easy choice for trade schools.

SuperMoney is directly integrated with leading lending partners.

When you sign up for SuperMoney's career education financing solution, your students will be able to get pre-approved or pre-qualified offers from multiple leading lenders with a single application.

...and more!

No-fee point of sale financing solution for all types of businesses.

SuperMoney's POS financing platform extends beyond the Trade School industry. Learn about how our platform works and how it can help your business.

Ready to offer SuperMoney's financing solution to your students?

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