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Ultimate Gift Guide for Christmas : 100+ Gifts Under All Budgets, For All!

With less than a week to go before Christmas, the holiday season is in full swing. If you are like most people, you’ve probably done a good portion of your holiday shopping already and just have a few of those hard-to-shop-for people left on your list. Or maybe you are waiting until the bitter end to brave the retail stores to find the perfect presents for your loved ones. Either way, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all our shopping lists and all of the gift options available; after all, ‘tis the season for many retailers to make a good portion of their annual revenue.

But have no fear, we are here to help guide you through this shopping madness and help you get a truly unique gift for absolutely everyone on your list.


Do you have one of those guys that is impossible to shop for? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Try one of these unique ideas.

$100 And Up:


Video Sunglasses $179.99

The perfect gift for someone who covets the technology of Google Glass but still wants to look cool. Best of all, you won’t have to drop $1,500 to make your recipient smile.

Hello Sense $100.00

This futuristic looking sphere is actually a sleep monitor that helps track sleeping patterns and determines optimal times to wake you up. This is one of those things that you must see to believe!



Motorized Tie Rack $59.99 

That sharp dressed man on your list almost certainly has an entire wardrobe of gorgeous ties. And your female friend who always looks pulled together probably relies heavily on scarves. A motorized tie rack helps keep neck-wear for both genders in good order.


Sports Memorabilia $59.99

Get your guy a framed picture of his favorite sports team to hang on the wall of his “man cave”.


Omaha Steaks $36.99

For anyone who appreciates a delicious cut of steak, chicken or seafood, Omaha Steaks make the perfect gift. Prices vary according to your selections.


Keepsake Box $34.99

A special gift from the heart that can be customized!


Premium Jerky Ammo Can  $49.99

Includes three bags of premium, top notch jerky from:Krave, Field Trip and County Archer; Adventure Fuel products including Cliff Bar, Pemmican Complete Food Bar, Planter’s Trail Mix and Corn Nuts. Also included is an authentic Man Crates Ammo Can.  This is a NATO spec. ammo case: air-tight, waterproof, and virtually indestructible.

Under $25:


Swiss Army Knives $20.00

Swiss Army Knives really are just as cool as you’ve heard. And they make especially great gifts for anyone who loves the outdoors. Prices vary according to how many gadgets are included.


What do you get that special lady in your life that has made you so happy over the years? We’ve got some great ideas for you here.

$100 And Up:


Prada Mobile Phone $360.00

The Prada mobile phone includes all the features you would expect in a smartphone. The sleek styling is worthy of the designer label.

Prada Infusion D’Iris 3-pc. Fragrance Gift set  $116.00 

Three piece set includes 3.4-oz. eau de toilette spray, 3.4-oz. body lotion & 3.4-oz. shower gel.


Spa Day

Women love to get pedicures, manicures, massages, and facials.  Just go to your local Spa and grab a gift certificate for any of these to make her happy!



Bluetooth Talking Gloves $69.99

Keep her hands warm while she talks on the phone. A unique idea!


Accomplish Magnificent Things Pendant  $62.00.

This gold dipped necklace is sure to make the woman of your life feel appreciated!


Nesco Diffuser  $60.59  

Aromatherapy infusers are up and coming, making a home a haven.  This one is made out of white oak and will make a beautiful addition to any room.



Wireless Key Finder $39.99

Perfect for anyone who is always misplacing their keys.


Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask  $42.00  

An ultra-soft mud mask that deeply cleans and removes impurities. This super soft facial mud mask is formulated with seven herbs led by Golden Root that deeply penetrate into skin and help counteract cell damage. It minimizes pores, diminishes breakouts, refines skin texture, and renews lifeless-looking skin.

Under $25:


Premium Pedometer $21.49

The experts advise taking at least 10,000 steps each day. Keeping track of those 10,000 steps is easy with a premium pedometer that also measures calories, vital signs and more.


Victoria’s Secret Gift Card  

If your relationship is spicy, then get her a gift card to Victoria’s Secret.  Every woman loves to have the opportunity to buy something she couldn’t normally afford!


Let’s face it: the Holiday season is really all about the kids and the magic and wonder that they get to experience during this special time of year. Make their holiday extra special this year with one of these great gift ideas.

$100 and up:


Hang-In-Out starting at $340

A cozy cocoon that’s a cross between a tent and a hammock lets kids hideaway right in their own backyard.



Aquafarm $60.00

For eco-lovers and fish fans, this double-decker combo of a garden and fish bowl creates a symbiotic ecosystem kids are sure to love.


Zoomer Dino $79.99

Kids can control Boomer the Zoomer Dino that senses where they are and what they’re doing for hours of interactive fun.


Hello Kitty Blue Lomography Fisheye Camera $66

Kids can see the world from a fun and silly perspective. Snapping photos with this is sure to spark creativity and inspire the imagination!



Popcorn of the month club $35.95

Treat your favorite tween to one of America’s most beloved snacks delivered fresh to your door monthly.



The multi-channel building system promotes mathematical thinking and creativity. Kids can combine 2 turtles 100s of ways to build geometric masterpieces.

Under $25:


Gund mini Grumpy Cat stuffed animal – $12.00

This plush pint-sized Internet sensation is the purr-fect pet that won’t shed.

Sweet Dreams Starlight Projection Clock $21.95

Transform any bedroom into a magical star-filled night. There are also 10 soothing sounds sure to lull kids to sleep or wake them gently when it’s time for school.


FlashBugs Lighted Shoelaces $9.99

Light up a nighttime soccer game or backyard campout with these laces that thread through any traditional shoelace eye.


Protective screensaver finger puppet $7.95

Help little ones keep screens clear of greasy smudge prints by tucking this handy tech tool into their stocking this year.

4$100 and up:


Foldable Bicycle $799.00

Back in the day, riding bikes was something that kids did. Not anymore. Perfect for the city or tooling around the neighborhood, a foldable bicycle collapses into a stashable parcel when it’s not out on the road.


Laser projection keyboard $99.99

Turn your teen’s cell phone into a keyboard that can be projected onto any surface to create a workspace or unique way to text with pals.



Quad Smart Drone $59.99

Get your kids one of the biggest hits this year without breaking the bank!


Battery Buddy $50

Nothing is worse to a teen than a dead cell phone. And these backup phone chargers available in 3 colors charge a phone up to five times before needing a charge of its own.


Crosley Revolution USB Turntable $79.95

A battery-powered that lets teens enjoy music with a retro flair. Because there aren’t any cords, teens can tote it back and forth from college or to a friend’s house easily.



Telescoping Selfie Arm $49.99

All kids are into taking selfies nowadays. Make sure your kids can take the best photos of them and all their friends.


Smartphone projector $27

Pop a smartphone into this projector and turn watching a YouTube or Hulu video on a tiny screen into a viewing party shown on a wall.

Under $25:


JVC Headphones $12.99

So they can enjoy their music and you don’t have to hear it.


What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions $14.40 (hardcover)

Hilarious and informative answers to dozens of questions your kids never knew they wanted to ask.

Christmas_Gift_Ideas097 Touchscreen Gloves $19.95

A stylish glove that keeps hands warm while using any touchscreen device with any part of the hand.


Who better to share the joy of the holiday season with than the people who brought you into the world in the first place. Here are some great gift ideas for your parents.

$100 and up:


Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer $149.99

Digital photos are great; they allow you to see your photos instantly. But many digital photos are trapped in memory cards or computer hard drives. The Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer allows the photo enthusiast on your list to print out photos wirelessly and instantly.


Flip Video Camera $150.00

Makes taking and sharing videos easier than ever. Perfect for the older person on your list who loves to record their favorite moments.


Towel warmer $99.99

Keep your parents toasty warm right out of the shower with this warmer that accommodates two large bath towels at once.



GE 14MP Digital Camera $79.94

Simple and great quality so they can take pictures of all the grandkids.


Wireless Headphones $99.99



Roku Streaming Stick $39.00

Get your parents up to date with technology with this easy to use item that lets them stream over 1000 channels directly to their tv.


Heated Shaving Cream Dispenser $29.99

High end barbers use heated shaving cream to soften the whiskers of their customers. A heated shaving cream dispenser for home use is ideal both for beards and for legs.


ColorKu $33.95

No more erasing Sudoku mistakes. This color version of the popular puzzle brings the game to life for hours of mental stimulation that’s fun for parents and grandparents of all ages.

Under $25:


n’ICE Cubes Stainless Steel Drink Chillers $24.99

White wine, vodka and liquor connoisseurs don’t ever have to deal with diluted drinks again. They’re great fro cooling down non-alcoholic drinks and foods like piping hot sup, too!7

Want to show your boss or co-worker ho0w much you appreciate them without breaking the bank? Not a problem! Try one of these ideas.

$100 and up:


Noise Canceling Headphone/Headset Combo $101.00

Today’s smartphones do way more than just transmit conversations. They often double as music and video entertainment systems. A noise canceling headset and headphone combo switches seamlessly from listening to talking – and back, in style.


Rare and Antique Books Prices Vary

The bibliophile in your life will be thrilled with a rare, antique or special edition book. features selections on various topics from booksellers around the world.



USB Backup Battery  $99.99 

Show me someone who has never had their battery die on them mid-text, and I will show you someone who doesn’t have enough devices!



Holiday Treat Tower  $29.99 

The tower comes topped off with a beautiful ribbon and is filled with Ghirardelli peppermint bark, Almond Roca candies and more!


Vegan Gift Baskets $44.50

The vegan on your gift list will appreciate this basket of goodies courtesy of Manhattan Fruitier. Prices vary according to the assortment selected.


Two Bowl Leaf Serving Tray $27.20

Great as a gift to someone you work with.


A Cut Above Gift Basket $48.99

A bamboo cutting board is piled high with Wine Country favorites. Smoked salame, stone ground mustard, sesame crackers, Sonoma Jacks garlic herb cheese wedges, roasted garlic crackers, French chocolate truffles, mozzarella cheese swirls, Ghirardelli dark chocolate with caramel, candy apple caramels, garlic herb dip mix and more.


Gourmet Chocolate Holiday Gift Tower  $49.95

A perfect idea for anyone at all.

Under $25:


Sugar-Free Treats $14.95 

Sugar free and gluten free may not sound so tasty, but these treats from The Swiss Colony are positively delicious. Various assortments and prices are available.


It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done” $8.78 

Brilliantly expressed advice from pioneers who have paved the way and who provide motivation for dreams and doers.


It’s always a good idea to keep a little good-neighborhood cheer going. The key to buying a gift for your neighbor or roommate is to make sure it’s something you don’t mind looking at year round yourself. Try one of these great gift ideas.

$100 and up:


Eco-Conscious DJ Mixer $119.00

A mixer is an ideal gift for the pro or aspiring DJ on your list. An eco-conscious model uses a minimum of electric power, making music even sweeter.


Rechargeable Electric Corkscrew $120.00

A corkscrew is a great gift for someone who is always up for a party. A rechargeable electric corkscrew? That’s an awesome, amazing gift.


Robotic Pet Floor Vac  $259.99

With the most powerful suction of any robot vacuum, the rechargeable Robotic Pet Floor Vac is designed to pick up stubborn pet hair and tiny allergens. This advanced robot scans your home and vacuums all types of floor surfaces in a methodical back-and-forth pattern before returning to its charge base.



Netflix Subscription – $95.88/year

If you have someone who loves watching movies, get them a one year subscription to Netflix.


Nike Sport Band $59.00

This high-tech gadget is perfect for the athlete on your list. Keeps track of time, distance and calories burned.


You are My Sunshine Box Sign $27.73

Tell someone you love how you feel about them.


Ready-to-Grow Herb Kit – $34.95 

Great gift idea for neighbors that you enjoy visiting with regularly. You can always ask to borrow some fresh grown herbs when you have your next neighborhood BBQ.


MSC Orange, Clove, and Cinnamon Reed Diffuser  $42.00 

Great gift for anyone on your list

Under $25:


Infused Spirits $11.99

Coconut flavored vodka, anyone? Svedka Colada makes exquisite coconut flavored vodka at a reasonable price. One bottle is $11.99. Other spirits are also available, along with gift cards, at various price points.


Origami Fun Kit for Beginners  $14.22

A fun gift idea for any creative person on your list.


Let’s face it: every year we spend countless hours shopping for everyone else on our list and although we may come across items we would really enjoy for ourselves, we pass them by hoping someone else will gift them to you. But every year you are left without those items you had truly wished for. This year, be sure to shop for yourself too, and don’t miss out on these great items.

$100 and up:


Dremel 120-Volt Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit   $76.70 

This great tool is a must have around the house and is great for many different projects. It comes with 30 accessories, two attachments, a storage case, and a 5 year warranty.




Stansport Bahamas Cotton Hammock  $29.99 

Sometimes winter is the best time to find those great summer products!


Buy a Plot of Land in Ireland   $49.99

A truly unique gift idea – you can purchase a small plot of land, one square foot in size, in the stunning Irish countryside. Receive formal legal documents, a map, and photos of your land.


Book Vault Diversion Safe  $25.00

Two real books conceal a large hidden compartment to securely store your valuables in your Home, RV, Office or Dormitory.

Under $25:


The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Leg Gel  $14.00

8.4-Fluid Ounce You will need this leg cooling gel by the time you are done with all of your shopping this year!


For everyone else on your list that we may have missed, try one of these great gift ideas.


Living Plants and Flowers

Cut flowers are pretty, but they wither. Living plants and flowers add color and improve interior air quality too! They make an ideal gift for anyone with a green thumb.


Costco Membership

Costco stocks everything from food to gadgets — with a difference. And unlike many big box stores, Costco has committed itself to paying its employees a living wage.


Rechargeable Batteries and Charger

 Don’t scoff. Just remind yourself of those three anxiety inducing words: “Batteries not included” and you’ll realize the true value of this gift.


Bath and Personal Grooming Items

If a day spa retreat is not in your budget, put together a do-it-yourself basket of bath salts, skin conditioners and manicure tools the recipient can use in his or her own home.


Schedule Planners

Do you know someone who is totally overbooked? A schedule planner, either paper or electronic, can help them get their schedule under control.


Socks and Underwear

Don’t make faces. This is not a suggestion to settle for granny panties or itchy socks. Brands like Victoria’s Secret and William Abraham bring socks and underwear to a whole new level.

GIftCardFInal:Layout 1

A Gift from the Heart

a donation to your recipient’s favorite charity in his or her name is a gift that truly comes from the heart. Check Charity Navigator beforehand to ensure that your donation is going to a legitimate organization.


Gift Cards

Safer and classier than cash, gift cards allow recipients to purchase whatever they want, and they’re always the right size and color! Personalized cards add an extra touch.


When it comes to inexpensive gifts, it’s the thought truly is what counts. Give the people in your life some of these inexpensive, yet thoughtful presents, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a sleigh load of Christmas cheer while saving a bundle.


Key Chain   $1.82

Want to say “I Love You” in a big way for just $1.82? The I Love You Design Pair Couple Key Chain with Heart Pendant features an interlocking his and her keychain heart. You can declare your love and ensure your partner does the same with this cute, functional keepsake. Find the keychain online at


Mason Jar Mug  $3.99

Featuring the phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On,” which was popular on British government World War II posters, this 16-ounce mug is ideal for adults in your life who enjoy a frosty mug of beer or root beer like your dad, grandpa, neighbor or boss. Find this unique mug online at Bed Bath and Beyond, or at some of their select stores.


Measuring Spoons Set $4.99

Anyone who loves to cook knows that you can never have too many teaspoons. An ideal gift for an adult or teen home chef or baker, measuring spoons are an inexpensive, yet much appreciated gift. Buy a 7-piece plastic measuring spoon set online at Bed Bath and Beyond or at selected stores for $4.99, or find an inexpensive set at your local discount retail store.


Chai Tea $2.12

Tea lovers in your life, like your mom, grandma, aunt and your child’s teacher, will appreciate the tempting Spiced Cinnamon Chai flavor of Lipton Pyramid Tea Bags, which costs just $2.12 on amazon. Complete the gift with a mug and spoon from the dollar store.


Puzzles $4.99

Enjoyed by everyone from adults to children, puzzles make an ideal, inexpensive gift.  You can pick one up at the dollar store or online at places like the Puzzle Warehouse. Personalize the puzzleby choosing a theme near and dear to the recipient’s heart. For instance, if your best friend likes horses, cats and the great outdoors, this $4.99 puzzle is the ideal gift.


Exfoliating Gloves $2.99

The women in your life, like your sister, mom and aunt, will enjoy getting a pair of exfoliating gloves. These textured gloves massage the skin and buff away dead skin cells, making the skin rosy and healthy. These gloves online at Ulta Beauty go for $2.99. You can also find them in beauty supply stores.


Crossword Puzzle Book

Kids and adults who enjoy crossword puzzles appreciate a book chock full of them. At the dollar store, you can often find crossword puzzle books. They’re also available at drugstores and grocery stores. Complete the gift with a decorative pencil.


Venus Fly Trap $4.80 

Want to make the kids in your life super popular with their peers? Get them a meat-eating Venus fly trap plant. You can get a small one on Amazon for $4.80.


Manicure Set  $5.00 

A complete manicure set is the perfect gift for the women and teen girls in your life. This set features stainless steel clippers, tweezers, scissors and a nail file. All of it fits perfectly into the attractive vinyl purse. The set costs $5.


Slingshot Flying Monkey $3.49 

Ideal for a coworker or good friend who enjoys a good laugh, this slingshot flying monkey makes monkey noises as it flies through the air towards the destination in which you’ve flung him. He costs $3.49 online at and $4.18 on Amazon.


Slinky $4.99 

Kids of all ages—including adults—find that a Slinky offers plenty of unbeatable fun. Get an Original Metal Slinky, and you can watch it effortlessly “walk” down the stairs—not to mention the cathartic effect you’ll experience moving the toy back and forth between your hands. Find this Slinky at for $4.99.


Play Dough $4.99

This all-time classic toy is fun for kids ages 2 and up. Find a collection of 10 different color clays at Christmas Tree Shops for $4.99.


Vanilla Bean Bar Soap $4.00 

Designer, hand-crafted soaps can be found for $5 or less, such as this bar soap found online and at select Pier 1 Import stores. Scented soap makes a great gift for those people on your list who seem to have everything, like your great aunt and grandma.


Peppermint Bath Fizzer $2.40 

Bath lovers on your list will appreciate a bath fizz ball. This one releases the relaxing scent of peppermint as it produces a soothing fizz in your bath while you bathe. It costs $3 on Pier 1 Import’s website or at some of their stores.


Framed Photograph

If you have a photo of yourself or you and the family, putting it into a nice frame, which you can find at the dollar store or your local discount or department store for less than $5, is a great gift for people like your mom and dad and grandma and grandpa.


Movie Night Bowl

Get a big bowl at the dollar store and scout the store for additional movie night must-haves, like a DVD, microwave popcorn and chocolate bars. This gift is a big hit with all ages.



Love Coupons  

An ideal gift that anyone can make!


Truffles in a handmade box  

Easy instructions for making Truffles can be found on this site, along with directions for how to make the box to deliver them in!


Refrigerator Magnets  

Easy craft idea that you can do with the kids.


D-I-Y Coasters

Make your own customized drink coasters and give them to family or friends as a unique gift idea.



A simple framed art poster that you can make in no time at all! Makes for a great gift idea.


Make your own book 

Simple and easy to do.


Salt or Sugar Body Scrub  

These body scrubs are expensive to purchase, but cheap to make.


Homemade Granola  

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a big pretty bag of homemade granola is like a healthy investment in the days of your friends and family.


Vinyl Record Jewelry

You can recycle those old vinyl records that nobody listens to anymore and make unique jewelry to give as a gift this holiday season.


Natural Soaps 

Easier to make than you might think. So many scents you can choose from – makes a perfect gift this holiday season.


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