Marc Benger of Compare My Move About Minimizing the Costs of Moving

Marc Benger, co-founder and director of Compare My Move, has over 15 years’ experience in the removals and storage industry. We asked Marc to give us a few tips on how to reduce the expenses associated with moving to a new home.

How exactly does Compare My Move help consumers?

Compare My Move provides a reliable and efficient comparison service for home and office movers looking for quality removal companies in the UK. We can help our customers save money on removals while maintaining a hands-on approach when we engage with them to ensure they receive a service tailored to their individual needs. We want consumers to have a fantastic moving experience by helping with any removal queries and concerns, as well as offering any hints or tips about house removals.

Do people tend to underestimate moving costs?

People often forget all the additional costs involved with moving. Depending on what kind of services you require, costs often vary. So you need to break down the costs and consider:

  • The Volume of Your Move
  • Access
  • Distance Travelled
  • Services
  • Special Care Items
  • Special Handling Items

Give us one easy way to save some money on a crosstown move.

The easiest way of saving money would be to compare local removal companies. This helps you find the best quote and save some money. Also, if you’re moving yourself, use second-hand boxes from your local supermarket or auction sites like eBay.

When comparing moving companies, can you assume that they’re all offering the same services? Or should consumers be aware of differences between the types of moving packages offered by different companies?

All companies offer different services, so it’s worth doing your research to check exactly what your chosen company offers and if it suits your moving requirements.

Are there any “add-on” or “extra” services that some moving companies include in their estimates that aren’t always needed by the customer?

The most common extra would be packing services and packing materials. However, most removal companies will ask beforehand if you’d like this service.

During a move, what types of expenses tend to arise that are not covered by the costs that consumers pay to a moving company?

All reputable removal companies will have adequate insurance to cover any breakages. However, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have house insurance when moving in order to cover things like theft, which could occur as things are being loaded and unloaded.

What types of unique issues, problems, or costs are involved with moving out of the country?

There are a few extra expenses that people moving abroad should consider. For example, your removal costs will most likely be more expensive if your movers will have to account for overseas haulage.

If you are moving from the UK to a country outside the European Union, you must apply for a visa. This is not a huge expense, but is still something to consider. For example, a visa for the US will cost between $160-$190 (£130-£155).

Your desired country will have different property laws, so it’s good to check how this might affect your wallet. Property taxes in certain countries could add an extra 6-10% on top of your purchase price.

Other than price, what factors should consumers weigh when choosing a moving company?

When choosing a removal company, consumers should also check to see if the company is accredited and also look for customer reviews online, especially from third party websites.

In general, reputable removal companies will:

  • Agree to a home survey and take a detailed description of the requirements of your move
  • Provide a comprehensive quotation with no hidden charges. (If you are unsure, don’t be afraid to ask what is included in the quote.)
  • Have trained and uniformed staff who are polite and punctual.
  • Have sufficient insurance in place to cover the value of customer belongings.
  • Provide excellent customer service.

Thanks Mark, for the opportunity. Wishing all success to CompareMyMove!