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Our mission is to help Americans achieve their financial goals

Millions of people rely on our financial tools and resources to make better financial decisions.

What We've Built
Who we are

We exist to bring transparency to the world of personal finance.

Personal Finance can be an intimidating subject for everyday Americans. Since 2013, SuperMoney has been fueled by a passion for helping people make better financial decisions and providing financial transparency. We believe everyone should have access to helpful financial resources that empower them to achieve their financial goals, no matter how big or small.

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What We've Built
What we’ve built

We’ve built the most comprehensive financial services comparison site, and we’re just beginning.

SuperMoney has helped millions of people compare and shop for financial services and products. Our straightforward tools and honest advice help guide you out of debt, calculate your mortgage, make sure you’re on track to retire and so much more.

SuperMoney offers in-depth reviews of financial products and services, along with recommendation ratings and honest user reviews from everyday people. Everything is built to help people achieve their financial goals as effortlessly as possible. Our loan offer engine makes it elegantly simple for consumers to submit a single loan application and get transparent, pre-approved loan offers back from leading lenders in real-time.

We are continuing to evolve as we provide a No-Fee Financing Platform for small businesses that suffer from expensive and inefficient financing solutions.

How We Make Money
How we make money

You are at the heart of what we do.

In some cases, we receive compensation when someone clicks to apply, or gets approved for a financial product through our site. To put it simply, we make money when we offer useful recommendations that save you money. Regardless of compensation, we always have your best interest at heart. Compensation does not influence the recommendations or ratings of products and services on SuperMoney.

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Our Team
Our team
We are a small group of diverse financial service industry veterans all working together to help people super power their finances.

Miron Lulic

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Harry Langenberg

Chief Operating Officer


Jesse Stockwell

Chief Financial Officer


Max Yen

Director of Engineering


Mike Elsbree

Director of Strategic Initiatives


Erik Salino

Senior Software Engineer


Jeff Milling

Senior Software Engineer


Andrew Latham

Content Editor


Katie Lee

Product Designer


Olivia Tsang

Email Marketing Manager


Andrew Oh

Software Engineer

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