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Allan Du

Allan Du is a personal finance writer passionate about helping people take control of their finances. Allan strives to present readers with the right knowledge and tools, so they can make informed decisions about their money and build wealth. When he is not writing about finance, Allan enjoys pursuing his other interests, including powerlifting, kickboxing, and investing. He is an active follower of economic and political trends, always keeping watch on the latest developments that could impact the financial world.

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When Is Hurricane Season In Puerto Rico (2024)?

Published 11/22/2023 by Allan Du

Puerto Rico typically enjoys warm, sunny, and humid weather year-round, blurring the lines between winter, spring, and fall. However, when hurricane season arrives, the climate can become challenging. This article serves as your guide to understanding when is Puerto Rico’s hurricane season, providing insights and tips to navigate potential challenges.

The most recent data on wealth shows a notable decrease in the global count of millionaires, with 59.4 million individuals worldwide bearing the title as of 2022. Although becoming a millionaire is no small feat, it is an achievable goal with the right strategies and unwavering commitment. Notably, the significance of shrewd investment choices, especially in the domain of real estate, has emerged as a key driver responsible for bolstering the fortunes of an impressive 90% of millionaires.

How Much Would It Cost To Buy the Earth?

Published 11/15/2023 by Allan Du

Embark on a cosmic journey through the vastness of space with our beloved Earth, the third jewel in our solar system’s crown. If we imagine a whimsical scenario in which extraterrestrial beings contemplate purchasing this blue gem, a fascinating thought experiment emerges — what is the Earth truly worth? Although the true value of Earth can’t be determined, experts have playfully assigned the planet a price tag in the ballpark of a mind-boggling $5 quadrillion, unveiling Earth as a prized entity in the cosmic real estate market.

Are Your Social Security Benefits Taxable?

Published 11/06/2023 by Allan Du

The taxation of Social Security benefits is contingent upon your overall income, with various thresholds determining the taxable portion. To assess your tax liability, the IRS suggests combining half of your Social Security benefits with your adjusted gross income and tax-exempt interest. The process involves a complex calculation, with the potential for 50% to 85% of benefits to be subject to federal income tax. Leveraging a Roth IRA in retirement planning can minimize your tax burden, as contributions are made with after-tax income, ensuring tax-free withdrawals.

Exploring different order types allows you to precisely direct your broker on when to execute trades. Limit and stop orders signify your preference for specific prices over the current market price. While limit orders establish the lowest acceptable transaction amount, stop orders trigger an order when a specified price is reached. Limit orders are visible, whereas stop orders remain concealed until activated. Stop-limit orders combine the features of both, using two crucial prices to ensure that your trade remains within your desired price range.

Feeling harassed by Nemo’s Collections and worried about your credit score? Don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered. Ignoring those calls won’t cut it, as they can still harm your credit.

Meet Recovery Partners, your neighborhood debt collector. If their name’s on your credit report, brace for debt collection calls and letters. They’re the middlemen when creditors give up. While legitimate, validate claimed debts before paying. Remove them from your credit report with steps like goodwill deletion, debt validation, negotiation, or seeking credit repair help. Know your rights under FDCPA and FCRA to confront manipulative tactics. Empower your credit and financial stability by understanding your rights.

How many lottery winners lose it all? The sad truth is that a significant number of them encounter financial difficulties and may lose a substantial portion, if not all, of their winnings. Overspending, poor investments, and indulgent lifestyles can lead them down a path of financial ruin. Without proper planning and guidance, the sudden influx of wealth can quickly dwindle away.

The Pros and Cons of Mortgage Life Insurance

Published 07/03/2023 by Allan Du

Mortgage life insurance is a valuable safety net for homeowners, ensuring that your loved ones won’t be burdened with mortgage payments if you pass away. It pays off your mortgage balance, gradually decreasing over time as you make payments. This type of insurance covers outstanding mortgage debt, including principal and interest. While it has affordable premiums and simplified qualifications, it also has downsides, such as limited coverage and beneficiary options. When deciding whether to get mortgage life insurance, consider factors like financial security, existing coverage, risk assessment, alternative strategies, and personal preferences.

Understanding the difference between the make and model of a car is more than just semantics; it’s crucial for making informed buying decisions. The make refers to the brand, while the model represents the specific vehicle within that brand. For example, Chevrolet is a make, while the Equinox is a model. Knowing the make and model helps car buyers navigate the automotive landscape and understand the unique features and characteristics of each vehicle. It also impacts compatibility, resale value, insurance rates, and brand reputation.

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