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Article Summary: Temporary Expanded Public Service Loan Forgiveness (TEPSLF) is a loan forgiveness program for those with Direct Loans. It has very specific qualification requirements but is more accepting of different repayment plans than PSLF is. Student loan debt is a harsh reality for many Americans. Paying off this debt can take years for many […]

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What is a Vendor?

Article Summary: Vendors are any individual or company that sells goods or services to another individual, business, or government. Vendors are crucial to a business’s supply chain and overall success. Maintenance providers, retailers, and small business owners are all examples of vendors. An important part of running a business is vendors. But vendors are not […]

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Article Summary: Grants are a form of financial aid given by one party, usually the government, an NGO, or a corporation to an individual or organization. In the case of education grants, they are provided to students with exceptional financial needs. Grants usually do not have to be paid back, but there are a few […]

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Article Summary: Cost basis is the amount of money you spent to buy an asset. This amount usually includes the purchase price, fees, reinvestments, and commissions. Cost basis must be reported on your taxes. Determining cost basis can help you see how much you are making or losing with your investments, and might help you […]

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Article Summary: A purchase money mortgage is a way to qualify for a loan even if you have poor credit. Instead of a financial institution issuing the loan, the seller of the property issues it to the borrower. While a good option for those with a poor credit score, purchase money mortgages can sometimes have […]

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Article Summary: The IRS organizes certain especially important or frequently needed taxpayer information into a list of tax topics. One of these, tax topic 151, concerns your rights to appeal when the IRS withholds all or some of your tax refund. When the IRS takes such action, called a tax refund offset, it will send […]

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Article Summary: A rehab loan allows you to put repair and renovation costs into a loan. These costs can be added to your mortgage. A rehab loan often refers to a FHA 203(k) or a Fannie Mae HomesStyle loan, but it can refer to any loan that finances the purchase and repair (or renovation) of […]

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Article Summary: Federal work-study helps college students with financial needs get part-time jobs. Work-study can help them earn money, gain related experience, and still go to school. You can apply for work-study on your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Many students can only pursue the degree or training programs they choose by taking […]

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Article Summary: The vast majority of dental students have to take out student loans to pay for their schooling. In 2021, the average dental school debt was just over $300,000. It typically takes dental school graduates 10–25 years to pay off their student debt. But there are loan forgiveness programs and repayment plans in place […]

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Article Summary: More than half of law students have to take out loans to attend school, and they graduate with debt. The average law school debt is $160,000. Student loans for law school can take between ten and 30 years to pay off. There are various forgiveness programs and repayment plans that can help with […]