Aerial view of the bay and marina from the hills of Sausalito, San Francisco Bay Area, California

Article Summary Surgeons, pathologists, and radiologists are the top three highest paying jobs in California in 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most of the highest paying jobs in California are in the medical industry, but some law and managerial positions pay a good salary as well. With its vast number of […]

Doctor smiling in doctor’s office

Article Summary According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most of the highest paying jobs in Florida are within the medical field. Other high-paying jobs include various management, engineer, and pilot positions. Many people flock to the Sunshine State to enjoy the warm weather, nearby beaches, and fun culture. But as enjoyable as Florida […]

Person depositing a check through their bank's mobile check deposit

Article Summary: A banking app’s mobile check deposit feature allows customers to deposit checks through the app itself. Most major financial institutions in the United States offer customers this banking feature, though there are limits to the amount you can deposit. Deposit limits depend on the institution and how long your account has been open. […]

Hands typing on a laptop keyboard while holding a credit card

Article Summary: There are several ways to transfer funds from a credit card to a bank account. However, they are typically expensive fees and high interest rates attached. Therefore, it’s generally recommended to only transfer money from a credit card when it’s an emergency and no other options are available. Can you transfer money from […]

Couple being shown personal loan options by an agent on a laptop

Article Summary: CD loans are loans that use your certificate of deposit (CD) as collateral. If you default on your CD loan, the lender can seize the money in your CD. These loans are a great option for individuals who don’t have a great credit history and are hoping to build credit. Applying for a […]

American Express card beside phone with Amex app visible and two unrelated cards

Article Summary: Amex Pay Over Time grants users flexible payment options and the ability to make payments without accruing interest. If cardholders pay off their entire balance at the end of the billing period, they won’t have to pay interest. They can choose to make a partial payment, but they will then have to pay […]

shopper enters pin number on payment processing device held up by vendor

Do Credit Cards Have Pins?

Article Summary: While there are credit cards that have PINs, they aren’t used that much compared to PIN-less cards, especially in the United States. In many cases, buyers sign a receipt instead of entering a PIN. PINs, however, offer an extra security level that you may not otherwise have. Because of this, people often use […]

Row of new cars, or of used cars in new condition

Article Summary: You can use your car as collateral on a loan as long as it has equity, but that doesn’t mean it is a good idea. A car can be used as collateral on secured loans, cashback auto refinances, and car title loans, but you risk losing your car if you default on payments. […]

One hand reaching from sea of paperwork clasping another hand

Article Summary: Chapter 13 discharge is the final step of Chapter 13 bankruptcy and, on average, lowers your credit score by 150 to 200 points. It releases debtors of all payments and ensures that creditors cannot come to collect more payments from them. A Chapter 13 discharge lowers credit scores and stays on credit reports […]

row of new cars, or of used cars in new condition

Article Summary: You can have two car loans at the same time. However, it is usually more difficult to get approved for a second loan than it is for the first. Lenders will be pickier when looking over your qualifications to approve you for a second loan. But approval is possible, and a second car […]

A woman using Shop Pay to make a purchase from her phone

Article Summary: Shop Pay is an online payment service that saves customers’ shipping and billing information to make checkout faster. It also gives buyers the option to pay for their items in small portions over time. Shop Pay keeps all your tracking information in one place so that you can easily check their status and […]

Young woman looking questioningly to the side

Article Summary: You don’t need a job to get a credit card; you just need a reliable source of income. Income can come in many different forms. Scholarships, unemployment benefits, and child support can all count as income on a credit card application. You can also list your parent’s or spouse’s income on an application […]

Couple looking at their laptop, which lists their forbearance mortgage payments

Article Summary: Borrowers who are granted forbearance are temporarily able to stop making payments on their mortgage or have the payment amount cut back. You can sell your home while it is in forbearance, but the debt accumulated during the forbearance period will have to be paid back. When the coronavirus pandemic struck the United […]

an hourglass representing time running out

Article Summary: Insurance claims can help you cover medical and repair expenses following a car crash. But the amount of time you have to file a claim after an accident varies by state. If you do not file a claim within that time limit, you will not receive financial compensation. According to the World Health […]

Man removes last five dollars from his wallet

Article Summary: Walmart is one of many retail stores that offer cash back when you make a transaction. In this context, cash back, or cashback, refers to receiving cash when making a purchase at the store. The amount of cash you request is added to the total amount of your purchase. Depending on your payment […]

Man being taken to ambulance by two EMTs

Article Summary: Although auto insurance usually covers car accident injuries, health insurance companies can step in when that is not the case. If your health insurance does not cover an injury for one reason or another, personal injury protection (PIP) or medical payment coverage (MedPay) plan could also help with that. Car accidents are stressful […]

people at airport

Article Summary: United Polaris is United Airlines’ premium business class service that offers many in-flight and on-the-ground benefits. Those benefits include lounges at select airports that provide top-quality services to their customers. Only those flying certain long-haul international flights can access the United Polaris lounges. There, they can enjoy food, drinks, quiet time, and a […]

Scrabble pieces spelling out manage your assets

Article Summary: A company’s assets fall into two categories: intangible and tangible assets. Intangible assets are objects of monetary value that you cannot touch, while tangible assets are physical objects used by the organization. While both are important to the success of a business, intangible assets tend to bring more revenue over time than tangible […]

business calculator and paper with business information and written notes, pen

What Does FIFO Stand For?

Article Summary: FIFO is the most commonly used of the three inventory management methods. FIFO — which stands for first in, first out — assumes that the oldest inventory is sold before the newer inventory. This inventory management method helps determine how much a business spent on goods, information important for completing tax returns, and […]

loan officer hands mortgage loan application to prospective borrower

Article Summary: With a straight loan, the borrower only makes interest payments until the maturity date. No money is put toward the principal balance before then. Once the maturity date arrives, borrowers must either refinance their loan or pay off the entire balance. As you’ve begun your journey toward owning a home, you’ve probably looked […]