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David Hodges

David loves learning, doing research, analyzing data, and assessing arguments. Though he has two advanced degrees and some background in psychology, and though he's learned a great deal in his work with SuperMoney, he considers himself an interpreter of experts, not an expert himself. He enjoys using what he's learned, and what he's still learning, to help readers make better saving, spending, and investing decisions.

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Consumer Banking Statistics & Trends 2024

Published 10/26/2023 by David Hodges

The latest consumer banking statistics reveal that interest rates are trending upward, bank counts have ticked upward after a long and steady decline, and consumers of all types are switching to mobile-first banking in large numbers. Prepare for a deep dive into these statistics and how you should respond to them.

Changes in industry have always resulted in people moving around. The latest boom drawing people to certain cities and towns around America is the remote work revolution. Work-form-home opportunities are more plentiful now than ever before, and people are taking advantage of them. One result: Zoom towns. Localities that have made themselves appealing to remote workers are seeing welcome growth in their populations and economies. Remote workers, meanwhile, are finding they can better achieve the work-life balance they seek and the lifestyle they desire in Zoom towns. Could Zoom-town living be for you?

Obviously, getting your debt under control and negotiating a debt settlement arrangement are both easier before your creditor files a lawsuit against you. Timely and proper responses to all creditor communications and finding the right professional assistance may help you avoid a lawsuit entirely. Even after a lawsuit has been filed, though, it’s still possible to settle your credit card debt. Some essential actions for making this happen include responding promptly to the summons and complaint (which inform you of the lawsuit) and, if possible, hiring an attorney.

How Can I Get a $500 Loan With No Credit Check?

Published 09/26/2022 by David Hodges

You can probably get a $500 loan with no credit check by getting a secured loan where you have to hand over the collateral property or title to your lender until you pay back the loan. Examples include pawn shop loans and auto title loans. With other loans, “no credit check” claims usually mean no hard credit pull on your credit history. These loans will still have soft credit checks, which won’t affect your credit score. A payday loan is an example. But if you have a bad credit rating, don’t assume that means you can’t get a loan with a credit check. Several financing options may still be within your reach despite your poor credit history.

Home Prices Will Fall Next Year: Here Is Why

Published 09/14/2022 by David Hodges

No one knows for certain what will happen in the real estate market next year. But multiple factors favor flat or falling home prices in 2023. These include lost buyer purchasing power due to inflation, rising mortgage rates, and the fact that prices are already very high in many areas, having risen especially rapidly in the last few years. Based on these factors and data showing that home value appreciation has already slowed or reversed in formerly hot markets, expert analysts generally agree that the days of rapid home appreciation are over, at least for now. It’s assumed that home prices will drop soon, or at best remain stable, in places like the West Coast that have enjoyed the biggest recent price gains. In some of these places, value loss has already begun.

Workout Loan: Definition & Repayment Example

Published 09/01/2022 by David Hodges

A workout loan allows mortgage borrowers to avoid foreclosure (or a default) through loan modification. Loan modifications that can turn a delinquent mortgage into a current workout loan include re-aging, extension, deferral, renewal, and rewriting. Workout loans aim to prevent foreclosure and to benefit both defaulted or at-risk borrowers and their lenders.

How To Buy a House In California

Published 07/28/2022 by David Hodges

The only places in the United States where mid-range houses cost more than in California are Washington, D.C., and Hawaii. Even so, if you have a good and stable income and good credit, you may be able to finance a home purchase in California by preparing yourself financially beforehand and taking full advantage of federal and state programs that make home financing easier.

Repossession is not the end of the world and it shouldn’t be treated as such. While it may hurt your mortgage chances, and you may have to wait 2 to 7 years to qualify, you have options. Granted, the rate and terms are unlikely to be as good as they would be if your credit were better.

How Often Can You Refinance Your Home?

Published 01/28/2022 by David Hodges

Typically there are no legal limits on the number of times you can refinance your mortgage loan. However, some states, such as Texas, do restrict the number of times you can do it in a year and some lenders may also have policies that restrict the frequency with which you can refinance. Refinancing more than once can have some benefits, but there are also costs. It’s not something everyone should do. You need to identify the reason for refinancing. Then you need to weigh this against potential costs or obstacles in your case.

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