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A Degree with a Discount: How Tuition Reimbursement Works

Published 08/30/2023 by Emily Africa

Higher education is an investment in your career. Many companies will happily invest in you by taking on some of the financial burden of a degree. Tuition reimbursement is when your company pays you back for part or all of the training, course, or degree costs. Along with this come policies and requirements unique to your company. If you do your research and communicate with your company, you’ll be on your way to expanding your knowledge and likely your earning potential.

A deductible is the amount of money you’ll pay before your insurance coverage kicks in. Until you reach your out-of-pocket maximum, you will still be responsible for other out-of-pocket payments like co-payments and coinsurance. Choosing a low deductible and out-of-pocket limit usually means paying a higher monthly premium. However, it’s up to you to balance your personal risks and potential costs when selecting an insurance plan.

In general, home radiators are generally less expensive and require less frequent repair and replacement than most home appliances. On a budget, however, any cost can be significant. The cost to replace a radiator will depend on various factors, including the heat source, type, size, location, material, and brand of the radiator system. On average, replacing a radiator costs $1,500 but can be as low as $500 or as high as $3,500.

You’re excited to buy a used car, but wait! Take precautions to ensure your potential future car is legitimate and not stolen. Doing a thorough inspection, requesting a professional opinion, and verifying the seller’s and vehicle’s history are all critical steps you should take before buying a car. Read below for specific steps as to how to make sure your future car is not stolen.

Online banking versus traditional banking is more of a gray area than black and white. Banking online offers convenience and cost savings, while traditional banking provides personalized service and a wider range of services. Online banking has advantages like lower fees and advanced technology, but it lacks the personal touch and may have limited product offerings. Both online and traditional banking have pros and cons, so choosing depends on individual preferences and needs.

7 Types of Savings Accounts

Published 08/01/2023 by Emily Africa

The type of savings account you want to open depends on your financial goals and current financial situation. You can find savings accounts in various financial institutions, from brick-and-mortar banks to online services. Different accounts offer different benefits and restrictions, and you might consider opening multiple accounts to meet your needs.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) requires your future home to meet minimum property requirements and property valuation before you can get loan approval. You should expect a VA appraiser to evaluate your home. Your home must undergo a VA appraisal checklist and meet the standards as required by a VA inspection. Read more to learn about the requirements and what to do if your home does not meet the VA loan appraisal and inspection requirements.

Building a house on a budget requires strategic decision-making. Opt for a smaller, simplified design. Prioritize efficiency through energy-efficient materials and careful planning of plumbing and electrical installations. Obtain necessary approvals and explore cost-saving options like DIY projects. Wise choices, efficient scheduling, and proper planning can lead to significant cost savings throughout construction.

Home improvement grants are incredible financial resources that the government offers to help homeowners improve their properties. These grants focus on safety, accessibility, and comfort. They also come with specific eligibility requirements. As a low-income family, a veteran, a senior citizen, a person with disabilities, or a Native American, you’ll find that understanding the eligibility criteria for these grants can open doors to funding life-changing home improvements.

Remote Closing on a House: Here’s How It Works

Published 05/26/2023 by Emily Africa

As technology advances, the real estate industry has embraced the concept of remote closing. Pandemic travel restrictions sped the growth in remote closing, and the trend hasn’t slowed as restrictions have ended. Remote closing has enabled people to save time and money when buying a house. While specific procedures may vary based on local regulations, buyers can finalize a home purchase partially or entirely electronically.

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