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6 Signs That You Will Be Approved for Disability

Published 08/20/2023 by Jamela Adam

Waiting for an answer on your disability application can leave you feeling anxious and uncertain about your future, especially since it can take anywhere from four to six months for most applicants to receive a decision. Additionally, if you receive a denial and need to go through a hearing, the process can become even more drawn out. The good news is that if you have sufficient medical evidence, you are unable to work for at least 12 months, you meet the non-medical and SGA requirements, you work with a Social Security disability lawyer, and your disability meets a Blue Book listing, your chances of a successful claim increase significantly.

Depending on the size of your second-story addition, the total project cost can range anywhere from $80,000 to over $600,000. While adding a second story to your abode can broaden your living space and potentially increase the value of your home, it typically requires a significant investment upfront. If you need help affording the project cost, consider financing options like HELOCs, construction loans, and personal loans.

How To Apply for a Non-Qualified Mortgage in 2024

Published 08/02/2023 by Jamela Adam

Non-qualified mortgage (Non-QM) loans are designed for those with unconventional circumstances, such as an irregular income, who are not able to qualify for a traditional mortgage. Think self-employed individuals like freelancers, contractors, and small business owners. While non-QM loans may come with higher costs, they have less stringent borrower requirements and can be a viable financing option for those with unique income situations.

Most Stolen Cars in 2024 by State

Published 08/02/2023 by Jamela Adam

Car thefts are on the rise. By researching which car models are most susceptible to theft in each state, you can take extra precautions and stay one step ahead of potential criminals. This knowledge can also come in handy when considering a new car purchase. Remember, though, regardless of which car model you own, it’s still important to take steps to prevent car theft, such as parking in a well-lit area and installing an alarm system.

How To Pay Off a Car Loan Faster: 6 Actionable Tips

Published 07/31/2023 by Jamela Adam

Getting rid of your car payment can free up cash every month, which you can put toward other areas of your life, such as saving for a down payment, pursuing your hobbies, or treating yourself to a much-needed vacation. However, while paying off your auto loan ahead of time offers many benefits, it also has some downsides, such as potentially incurring prepayment penalties and temporarily lowering your credit score.

Useless Car Dealership Fees and How To Avoid Them

Published 07/25/2023 by Jamela Adam

Car dealerships are notorious for tacking on extra fees and charges to the purchase price of a vehicle to increase their profit margin. These dealer fees can often add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to the price of a car. While there are some unavoidable fees — such as documentation fees and sales tax — other fees, like advertising and dealer preparation fees, are negotiable.

The gig economy is thriving. According to the Freelance Forward report released by Upwork: 59 million Americans — more than one-third of the U.S. workforce — took control of their careers by starting their own businesses or working as freelancers in 2021. And around 74% of freelancers surveyed said freelancing gives them the flexibility to spend time with their family and do the things they love.

TSA PreCheck is a program offered by the Transportation Security Administration that allows you to access expedited security screening at over 200 airports and 85 participating airlines. Your TSA PreCheck membership status lasts for five years and can be renewed online or in person. And by taking advantage of certain credit card rewards programs, you could get reimbursed for the TSA membership application fee and avoid long security lines for free.

What Happens to Student Loans When You Die?

Published 06/12/2023 by Jamela Adam

Federal student loan debt will be discharged when you pass away. However, if you took out student loans with private lenders, whether your loved ones are responsible for repaying your debt will depend on the lender’s terms and whether or not you had a family member cosign your loan. Be sure to check with your student loan servicer to get a better idea of what their policy is in the case of your death.

VA construction loans cater to veterans and active-duty military members looking to build their own homes. Not only does this loan program offer competitive interest rates, but it also provides flexibility in the construction process. Plus, VA loans often require little to no down payment, making it easier for veterans and military families to achieve their homeownership dreams.

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