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Jessica Walrack

Jessica Walrack is a personal finance writer at SuperMoney, The Simple Dollar,, Commonbond, Bankrate, NextAdvisor, Guardian, and many others. She specializes in taking personal finance topics like loans, credit cards, and budgeting, and making them accessible and fun.

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Top 10 Tax Credits To Save You Money in 2020

Published 02/01/2021 by Jessica Walrack

Tax credits reduce your tax liability. The IRS offers several tax credit categories, including family and dependents, income and savings, homeowners, healthcare, and education tax credits. If you qualify for a given tax credit, you can subtract it from your total tax load, keeping more money in your pocket.

Tax Amnesty Programs: The Complete Guide

Published 03/24/2020 by Jessica Walrack

Tax amnesty programs provide taxpayers with an opportunity to file and pay for outstanding tax debts without paying a penalty. Most tax amnesty programs are set up by states. They are a fast way to generate revenue and they also help out taxpayers. A win-win for everyone. Find out which tax amnesty programs are available and how they work.

Coronavirus Sick Leave: Do I Get Paid For it?

Published 03/21/2020 by Jessica Walrack

The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is a serious concern for U.S. citizens. And unfortunately, your health isn’t the only thing at risk — you also have to worry about your paycheck. If you find yourself exposed to coronavirus (or at high risk of exposure), you are likely wondering if you will get paid for coronavirus sick leave.

Can the IRS Garnish 1099 Wages? Info For The Self-Employed

Published 03/19/2020 by Jessica Walrack

If you are behind on your taxes and you are one of the 16 million Americans who are self-employed, you may be wondering, “Can the IRS garnish 1099 wages?” Unfortunately, the federal government can garnish almost any type of income, including 1099 wages. However, there are steps that the IRS must take before they can garnish your 1099 income. And there are restrictions which limit how much the IRS can take.

Can the IRS Garnish Social Security Benefits?

Published 03/05/2020 by Jessica Walrack

Are you behind on your tax payments? Dealing with tax debt is particularly challenging when you’re retired or on a fixed income. You may be worried about the IRS taking your Social Security money. Can the IRS garnish Social Security benefits and other types of retirement income? Or are they exempt from garnishment?

FHA Loan in California: How To Qualify?

Published 03/05/2020 by Jessica Walrack

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Housing, provides guarantees on home loans to help more Americans afford homeownership. These loans offer three key benefits, low down payments, low closing costs, and flexible eligibility requirements. But, how can you qualify for an FHA loan in California?

FHA Loans in Ohio: How To Qualify

Published 03/04/2020 by Jessica Walrack

Are you looking for an affordable way to buy a home in Ohio? One of the most popular loan options is offered through the U.S. Department of Housing’s Federal Housing Administration (FHA) program. FHA loans have low down payments, flexible eligibility requirements, and affordable closing costs, so it’s no wonder they account for about one-fifth of U.S. mortgages.

How to Get Out of Your Apartment Lease in 5 Steps

Published 03/03/2020 by Jessica Walrack

Breaking your apartment lease is never ideal, but sometimes it’s necessary. While you may face legal ramifications and other long-term consequences, there are ways to minimize these negative effects. Plus, there are certain situations wherein breaking your lease is protected under law.

The Pennsylvania Tax Forgiveness Credit helps eligible PA taxpayers reduce their tax liability. It is designed to help individuals with a low income who didn’t withhold taxes throughout the year and those who are retired. Tax relief can be a big help because it can reduce or even completely negate the taxes you owe. To learn more about the PA tax forgiveness credit, how it works, and if you qualify, read this quick guide.

How and When to Refinance a Personal Loan

Published 02/07/2020 by Jessica Walrack

You’ve heard of mortgage and student loan refinancing, but can you refinance a personal loan? The answer is yes. Many lenders offer personal loan refinancing options. So if you’re unhappy with your loan, you’re not stuck with it — you can try to find a new loan with better terms.

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