how much does it cost to file bankruptcy

Summary: Life insurance is a valuable tool designed to protect loved ones from devastating financial losses due to the death of an insured policyholder. Although this is an important component of life insurance, certain types of life insurance policies come with added benefits. If used properly, a life insurance policy not only gives financial support […]

A dilapidated white picket fence

Summary: In some situations, you can remove a neighbor’s fence on your property. However, to do so, you may want to try negotiating with your neighbor before taking the fence down by force. Otherwise, you’ll want to consult and hire a licensed surveyor and check to see if the fence has a building permit before […]

Young woman wondering how to get out of a lease with a roommate

Summary: To get out of a lease with a roommate, first try to negotiate a temporary solution. If that doesn’t work, see if your landlord will let you look for a new person to take your place as a roommate or subletter. Whatever your situation, make sure to stay in contact with your landlord and […]

Stacks of coins and wedding figurines on opposite ends of a seesaw, representing the cost of a wedding and how many people you should invite to your wedding

Summary: How many people you should invite to your wedding depends largely on your wedding budget. Many wedding expenses, such as the wedding attire, stylist, wedding planner, catering, bar service, and venue, depend on the size of your guest list. If you want to invite too many people, try offering a video meeting platform as […]

Hands pointing at business documents next to an open laptop

Summary: Days payable outstanding (DPO) is a financial ratio often used to determine how well a company is managing its cash flow. This ratio shows the average time in days that it takes for a company to pay its bills and invoices for purchases made on credit. A company’s DPO is typically calculated on a […]

Couple exchanging wedding bands after finding out how much you should spend on a wedding ring

Summary: The average cost of a wedding ring is between $500 and $1,200. Of course, this price may change depending on the metal used, any diamonds or precious stones included, and where you purchase the wedding ring. Shopping for a wedding ring can be overwhelming. After all, it takes time to sort through the various […]

Mortgage lender handing house keys to a veteran , who was able to get a VA loan with a 500 credit score

Article Summary: According to VA guidelines, veterans with poor credit scores, such as 500, can still be approved for VA loans. That said, all mortgage lenders must ensure that a borrower meets the minimum Veterans Administration requirements to approve VA loans. In addition to that, lenders can set requirements above the VA minimum prerequisites called […]

One quarter or a roll of quarters

Article Summary: Standard rolls of quarters have 40 quarters per roll, which has a face value of $10. You can also buy rolls of pennies, nickels, dimes, and even small dollar coin rolls. If you need a roll of quarters or wish to roll some of your own coins, you can stop by your local […]

Business investor using enterprise value vs. market cap to determine a better investment

Article Summary: Market capitalization can give a general idea of how risky or aggressive a certain investment might be. However, certain factors are left out of market capitalization, such as a company’s debt and cash reserves. Enterprise value is meant to show the overall value of a company but isn’t the best metric to use […]

Series of gold bars stacked on top of each other

Article Summary: While gold bars come in a variety of sizes, the “standard” gold bar weighs about 28 pounds or 400 troy ounces. However, the weight also depends on how the gold bar was manufactured: cast or minted. Cast bars are generally cheaper and don’t have the same purity standards that minted gold bars have. […]

Couple opening a bank account with a bank that doesn't use ChexSystems

Article Summary: There are several financial institutions like credit unions and banks that don’t use ChexSystems to determine whether you are trustworthy enough to open an account. Since ChexSystems contains information on your previous account history, a poor ChexSystems report could make it difficult for you to open a new account. Therefore, institutions that don’t […]

Person holding a credit card and cutting it with a pair of scissors

Article Summary: If an old credit card is disposed of improperly, it could be used to charge your account without you knowing. With identity theft and fraud running rampant, it’s vital to know what to do with an expired credit card. Fortunately, there are various methods, many free, that can be used to take care […]

hands of couple hold scrabble pieces spelling forever and always with ring in place of letter o

Article Summary: What are the costs and legal requirements to get married at a courthouse? Every county and state has its own fees and legal requirements to get married. Some courthouses charge rather high fees, whereas others are much cheaper. Plan to spend at least $50 to $100 to legally get married at your local […]

Large house next to a big tree

Article Summary “Estate for years” is one of several less-than-freehold estate leasing terms used in real estate. This type of lease classification specifies tenancy with a definite start and end date. This term is also referred to as “estate for term” or “tenancy for years.” Are you a homeowner and interested in leasing your home? […]

Group of five young adults preparing their resumes for basic industry positions

Article Summary: Companies in the basic industries field provide raw materials for other companies to produce or manufacture goods. This is one of the largest industry sectors in the United States and plays an integral role in the global economy. If you’re looking for a new career, trying to decide on a major in college, […]

Hand holding a pen about to right on a check

Article Summary: Technically, uncashed personal checks have no “expiration date.” That being said, a bank is not required by law to accept personal checks more than six months (180 days) old. In good faith, some banks may cash personal checks older than six months if the account is still active and funds are available for […]