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VTSAX vs. VTI: Which One Should You Choose?

Published 10/11/2022 by Justin Smith

VTSAX and VTI are two popular Vanguard funds that offer opportunities for diversifying your investment portfolio. Though both track the CRSP Total Market Index, VTSAX is a mutual fund and VTI is an exchange-traded fund. Both funds include small-, mid-, and large-cap stocks and have low expense ratios. The main difference between the two funds, apart from their classification, is that VTSAX requires a minimum initial investment of $3,000, while VTI doesn’t have a minimum investment amount.

VTI vs. VOO: Which One Should You Choose?

Published 08/24/2022 by Justin Smith

VTI and VOO are two popular Vanguard exchange-traded funds that provide an easy way to diversify your portfolio. The fundamental difference between the two is that VTI includes small, mid, and large-cap stocks, while VOO only includes large-cap stocks. Additionally, VTI tracks the CRSP Total Market Index, and VOO tracks the S&P 500 index. Otherwise, these funds are very similar, especially in their strategies, portfolios, fees, and dividend yields.

Additional interest and additional insured are two provisions you can add to an insurance policy that involve third parties. Additional interest is someone who benefits from knowing an insurance policy is in place but doesn’t need the coverage from the policy. On the other hand, an additional insured is named as an insured person on the insurance policy and is given protection under the policy. You commonly see additional interests and additional insureds listed on car insurance, homeowners insurance, condo insurance, and renters insurance policies.

Luxury and exclusive credit cards are a market in and of themselves. They have high annual fees and, in many cases, require invitations to join. From the Platinum Card and Centurion Card from American Express to the J.P. Morgan Reserve card, these credit cards for the ultra-wealthy can be incredibly hard to get. However, their perks — such as access to high-value rewards, virtually non-existent credit and spending limits, and access to airport lounges and concierge services — can be worth the fees for the select few who are eligible to become cardholders.

How Do Motorcycle Title Loans Work?

Published 08/18/2022 by Justin Smith

Motorcycle title loans are a type of loan in which you put up your motorcycle title as collateral. They don’t require a good credit score or financial history to qualify. Instead, you just need to own your motorcycle outright, have proof of income documentation, and be of a certain age as required by your state. That said, motorcycle title loans aren’t offered in every state. They also have disadvantages including a potentially high risk for debt and a time-consuming process, as you have to get your motorcycle inspected in person by the potential lender.

8 Hidden Costs Of Owning An Electric Car

Published 08/16/2022 by Justin Smith

Tax rebates, lower maintenance costs, and the ability to make a smaller carbon footprint have attracted lots of new buyers. That said, owning an electric vehicle also comes with hidden costs, including battery replacement costs, higher registration fees, and additional costs to unlock add-ons. Before making a purchasing decision, buyers should be aware that the number on the price tag of their electric car will likely be much lower compared to the actual overall cost.

How Long Does a Car Inspection Take?

Published 08/16/2022 by Justin Smith

A car inspection takes anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour, depending on the type of inspection you’re having done. Emissions testing is a relatively straightforward process that can take a short amount of time; however, a safety inspection is much more involved and typically takes longer. If your vehicle fails an inspection, you can take it to a shop for the necessary repairs to have it pass the next one. It’s a good idea to look up your state’s inspection checklist online before going in for an inspection so you can come prepared with the required documents.

Can You Overdraft a Credit Card?

Published 08/11/2022 by Justin Smith

An overdraft is a term that refers to spending more money than what is available in your checking account. As your credit card is not your checking account, you can’t technically overdraft it. However, you can exceed your credit limit, which can have similar consequences to an overdraft. For example, if you’re enrolled in an over-the-limit program, some credit card companies will allow you to go over your credit limit in exchange for a fee, just like checking accounts can charge an overdraft fee for allowing you to complete a transaction when you don’t have the funds to cover it. Exceeding your credit limit may cause purchases to get declined and can damage your credit score.

A hybrid is a car that pairs at least one electric motor with a gasoline engine to power the car, allowing it to offer better gas mileage than a standard vehicle. Hybrid batteries last around 80,000 to 100,000 miles on average, but hybrid battery life can be extended by taking excellent care of the car and sticking to a routine maintenance schedule. It’s important to stay aware of any malfunctions in the hybrid system, as poor fuel economy and weak performance are two key signs that a hybrid battery is starting to fail.

Can I Refinance My Car With The Same Lender?

Published 08/08/2022 by Justin Smith

You can refinance your car loan with the same lender. Refinancing can be a worthwhile option if you’re having difficulty making your monthly payments, have a desire to change your loan term, or if your vehicle is approaching age or mileage restrictions. By refinancing with the same lender, you can continue the relationship you’ve already established and save yourself the potential headache of having to look for a new one.

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