Georgia veterinarian Kathy Kinney refinanced the mortgage on her four-bedroom, three-story home situated on 25 acres of land at a seven percent interest rate after 2006. But since the rates dropped, she has not been able to refinance again to take advantage of the lower rates. “Every time I try to refinance, I am told […]

A Fresh Look at Back to School

It’s August and many parents have received the dreaded list of needed supplies from their child’s school. Even with today’s technology, students still need the back to school basics like pencils, notebooks, crayons, glue and construction paper. While the characters on the backpacks and notebooks may have progressed from Star Wars or The Muppets to Angry […]

Just Married! Now what?

The rings are on, the wedding cake is in the freezer, and you and your spouse are beginning your new life together. You were just married! If you thought getting through the wedding with the family was a challenge, now you have to begin to build a life together and that includes some important financial […]

State Farm Mayhem

Mayhem, the Gecko, and a girl named Flo In this era of frugality, advertisements promising cheaper car insurance are everywhere. “Flo” from the Progressive Insurance ads promises you she will get you better rates with her low pricing tool and has recently taken up acting, writing and singing her own—terrible—songs. “Mayhem” from Allstate uses fear […]