steps to consolidating student debt

Knowing how to consolidate student loans from different lenders could help ease the burden of your student loan debt. Having a student loan payment can be stressful enough; having multiple loan payments is even worse. Dealing with various accounts, payment amounts, due dates, interest, and terms can make your loans all the more aggravating. Consolidating […]

It’s not something we like to think about, but life is full of unwelcome surprises. If you’re not prepared, even everyday surprises, such as a car breakdown, household repairs or a medical emergency could become full-blown financial disasters. Which is why building an emergency fund to insulate you from financial surprises is important no matter […]

are payday loans evil

Is Payday Lending Evil?

Payday lending is bad, right? That certainly seems to be the accepted truth and the force behind a significant portion of America’s consumer financial regulatory policy in the last few years. Critics, which include the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), refer to payday loans as predatory and abusive “debt traps” (source). But is such criticism […]

Endurance athletes earn almost three times as much as the general population. Not 50% more. Not 100% more. Almost 300% more money on average! According to the New York Timesthe average ING New York City Marathon runner’s household income was $130,000. USA Triathlon reports the average triathlete’s household income is $126,000. A 2006 Runner’s World subscriber study […]

Home Ownership: Is It Really Worth It?

Recent Gallup polls show that Americans still believe the best “long-term investment” is real estate. Most Americans rank real estate investment ahead of mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other options. This news is somewhat surprising considering the fact that so many Americans lost everything they had in the wake of the recent housing collapse. Could […]

Go Camping

Save Money with a Staycation: Go Camping

We’re on the cusp of summer—the daylight lingers into night, the kids are out of school or home from college, and as the temperature climbs life becomes a little more relaxed. It’s time to get away for a little R&R! As the economy continues to recover most Americans are on a tight budget, and vacations […]

Lemonade Stand

One of the most important roles that we fulfill as parents, besides showing our kids love and cutting the crusts off of their sandwiches, is teaching them the life skills that they’ll need to someday make it on their own successfully. I know, how could your child possibly ever grow old enough to move out, […]