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Pamela Britton-Baer

Pamela is the author of thirty-eight romance novels with more coming out every year. She's best known for her NASCAR romance novels, but writes non-fiction, too. Pamela's a regular columnist for the American Quarter Horse "Journal" and writes for where she shares her personal finance tips on how to thrive in this economy.

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The ROI Of Helping Others: 10 Good Deeds That Paid Off

Published 06/08/2016 by Pamela Britton-Baer

We’ve all heard the saying ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ but it isn’t always the case. Sometimes those good deeds are not only appreciated, they are also rewarded with a financial boon. We’re thinking this means there’s an economic value for being a good person, so we decided to illustrate exactly why. Let’s start with a few everyday people that saw their one random act of kindness rake in big rewards.

With summer just around the corner, we bet you’re in the mood for some serious DIY. With that in mind, we’ve compiled some great DIY life hacks for your home.  There’s a little bit of everything so whether you’re looking to save save some space or create a new space in your home, we’ve got some ideas for you.

10 Personal Finance Decisions To Protect Your Family

Published 04/29/2016 by Pamela Britton-Baer

No one ever thinks the worst will happen. “What if?” can be a scary question. But it’s a question that needs to be asked, particularly when it comes to personal finance.

Going Bankless: Is It A Good Or Bad Idea?

Published 10/13/2015 by Pamela Britton-Baer

You’ve had it. The mob bosses in charge of your money – otherwise known as your bank – have taken you to the cleaners one too many times. They like to post debits before credits and their on-line balances can lag a day behind. You start to ask yourself,

How to Spot a Fake Email

Published 05/25/2015 by Pamela Britton-Baer


How To Meet Your Savings Goals

Published 02/11/2015 by Pamela Britton-Baer

Another New Year has arrived, and with that usually comes a new resolution or two. Have you decided to shed those extra pounds this year? Spend more time with the family? Let’s face it, we’ve all made at least one of those common resolutions before, but how successful have we been in the past? Whatever your savings goals are, we’re here to help.

25 Ways You Are Wasting Cash Without Even Knowing It!

Published 02/04/2015 by Pamela Britton-Baer

It’s the little things in life that make all the difference in the world. The same thing can be said about money. A few pennies here and there can quickly add up. Think about it this way: Ten cents times ten cents is a dollar. If you keep multiplying by ten you quickly reach 100.

Let’s face it. Jobs are boring. Not only that, but sometimes you have to work with people that aren’t exactly Miss Congeniality. What’s a person to do?  Simple. Make friends. The key to popularity is all about having fun so we’ve compiled some great tips to not only help you get through the day, but maybe win some new friends along the way.

15 Bizarre Places People Hide Money! (Wait For No. 8)

Published 10/27/2014 by Pamela Britton-Baer

Are you a cash stasher? More and more people are. Despite reports that the Great Recession is well behind us, people are still keeping their money out of banks.

13 Most Stupidest Things People Are Still Buying

Published 09/24/2014 by Pamela Britton-Baer

Did you hear about the guy that bought a bathtub for over two million dollars? It sounds like the opening of a joke, but celebrity Mike Tyson didn’t think so. And at the time, Mr. Tyson was 35 million dollars in debt. Which makes the decision even stupider.

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