Person calculating whether they can afford to repay a "90 days same as cash" financing offer

Article Summary: “90 days same as cash” is basically another phrase for no-interest financing where a store allows you to make interest-free payments for three months. While this can be a convenient way to pay for purchases over time, it can also put you in a pile of debt and financial trouble if you don’t […]

Small dog in an airplane wearing a pilot's cap

Article Summary: In most cases, you cannot buy your dog a seat on an airplane. That being said, some airlines may allow you to “purchase an airline seat,” but your dog can’t actually sit on the seat. Unfortunately, this exception primarily only applies to fully-trained service dogs. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business, plenty […]

An elderly couple looking at a computer screen with an advisor

Article Summary: Life insurance covers both accidental and natural death. The beneficiaries can then use the death benefit to pay bills, debts, or even college tuition. However, many policies will not pay a death benefit if the policyholder died while committing a felony or insurance fraud. Death is never pleasant to think about, but sometimes […]

Hands of a man signing a contract

Article Summary: Before writing your will, decide the type of will you need. After that, choose a beneficiary, an executor, and a guardian (if you have children). Finally, sign your will and keep it stored somewhere safe and inform your loved ones where the document is. Writing a will can be scary. Let’s face it, […]

Toy car on legal documents with two hands passing car keys behind

Article Summary: Car repossession occurs when a borrower stops making loan payments and the lender removes the vehicle from the borrower’s property and possession. A repossession remains on a credit report for seven years and negatively impacts your score. However, it is possible to rebuild your credit score after a repossession. No one wants a […]

a voided check

How to Void a Check

 Article Summary: A void check means the check no longer holds any monetary value, which is helpful when setting up a direct deposit or an automatic payment. Checks may seem like something from the past, but there are still several reasons why you may need to know how to void a check. Knowing how to […]

Woman considers her tax return on her laptop

 Article Summary: Amended tax returns aren’t an automatic red flag for IRS auditors. But, do amended tax returns trigger tax audits? It depends on what you include in the amended tax return. However, it’s common for people to make mistakes when submitting their taxes, and provided you don’t submit intentionally false information, an amendment won’t […]

Young woman on phone with a custom debit card in her hand

How To Get Custom Debit Cards

 Article Summary: Custom debit and credit cards are fun and easy to get. Many financial institutions offer customization options for free (for those who hold accounts with them) or for a small fee. You can also visit a third party’s site and customize by submitting your own image or choosing from other pre-selected designs. We […]

Where is the security code on a debit card

 Article Summary: Your debit card security code verifies your identity and ownership over the card online and over the phone. This code is printed on the back of the card near the signature panel for Mastercard and Visa debit cards or printed on the front for American Express cardholders. Whether you’re using a debit card […]

IRS tax preparer penalties

Tax Penalty Waiver Letter Sample

 Article Summary: A penalty abatement letter outlines to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) why you missed the due date for your tax filing or payment and provides you a chance to request penalty relief. By proving you have a reasonable cause for your late filing—such as a medical emergency—with supporting documents, like a doctor’s note […]

How long does a debit card refund take

 Article Summary: All debit cards have an expiration date printed on the lower half of the card. Though the expiration date may be years away now, your bank may be sending you a new card sooner than you think. Find out how to keep track of your debit card’s expiration date, what to do when […]