Just like diet and exercise are necessary for a good health, your financial health is also dependent on good habits. This means that one should first be aware of their personal financial situation and overall goals. Once we know where we stand, we can then exercise new habits to be successful in reaching our financial […]


Consumers Top Complaints

Medical billing issues, tax scams and student loan consolidators were among the biggest consumer thorns last year. These major concerns were accompanied by many of the other familiar complaints such as identity theft, home repair shams and collection agencies, according to a recent report. The survey was released Wednesday July 29, 2015 by the Consumer Federation of America. […]

Palmer Luckey isn’t the first tech genius to be mocked on the cover of a national magazine, and he won’t be the last. Luckey, the 22-year old founder of Oculus VR, found himself on the cover of Time magazine, which made the decision to treat VR as a joke. Time isn’t the only publication guilty of poking fun at […]

After reporting their second-quarter earnings of $23.2 billion, a trading frenzy began which has resulted in Amazon adding about $40 billion in market value, making it now worth more than Wal-Mart. While analysts were expecting around $22.4 billion in sales from Amazon’s 2nd quarter, they also reported a $92 million profit, equal to $.19 per […]