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Stu Lustman

Stu Lustman has been writing about specialty finance topics, fintech, and cryptocurrency since 2013 at his blog P2PLendingExpert. After working all his career in finance once he completed his MBA from Loyola University Maryland, Stu started writing on the side and has been doing financial writing full-time ever since.

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There are multiple pros and cons to consider when comparing personal loans vs. 401(k) loans. 401(k) loans typically provide the cheapest option and are easier to qualify for. They are, after all, a loan you pay back to yourself — with interest. However, there is an opportunity cost to keep in mind because you miss out on tax-deferred investment earnings. Also, if you lose your job, you may have to repay a 401(k) loan much faster than anticipated. Personal loans have higher interest rates and fees, but they offer flexibility. Additionally, the loan amounts and payment terms are not dependent on your 401(k) balance or whether you stay with your employer.

How To Get A Credit Card With No Credit

Published 09/27/2021 by Stu Lustman

When you have no credit history, a credit card issuer has nothing to judge you upon to see if you are a credit risk. That makes qualifying for starter credit cards difficult and higher credit limits impossible. But through some techniques, such as using secured credit cards or personal loans, you can build credit or even qualify for cards with no credit. Check out our tips and tricks for qualifying for a credit card with no credit.