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Should You Get a Cosigner for Your Mortgage? The Definitive Guide

Published 02/22/2019 by TJ Porter

Your lease is ending, you’re looking to move to a larger home, or maybe you want to live closer to work. Regardless of why you’re moving, you’ve found the perfect home. But there’s bad news: your lender has told you that you don’t qualify for a mortgage.

Should I Pay Down My Mortgage or Invest?

Published 01/30/2019 by TJ Porter

You’ve come into some extra money. Maybe a relative left you an inheritance, or your employer gave you a holiday bonus. Or maybe you’ve set up your budget to get you some extra savings each month. You want to use this extra cash to improve your financial situation. But what’s the best way to do so? Is it smarter to finish paying down your mortgage so that you can truly own your home? Or should you invest the money for the future? Let’s explore the pros and cons of each approach.

Should You Pay off Your Auto Loan Early?

Published 01/30/2019 by TJ Porter

A car is an essential part of most Americans’ lives. Without one, many can’t get groceries or commute to work.

How to Save Money on Mortgage Loan Closing Costs

Published 01/29/2019 by TJ Porter

A home is probably the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime. Even relatively affordable houses cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and mortgage loans can last decades. As such, choosing the right loan is an essential part of the home buying process.

How Much Do You Lose with a Dealer Trade In?

Published 01/29/2019 by TJ Porter

of car dealership sales originate from trade-ins

Mortgages can take as long as thirty years to pay off, and homes can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. You may have a good sense of your budget at the grocery store or while shopping for clothes. But when the numbers get that big, it becomes much harder to set a realistic budget and find out how much you can afford. How can you calculate your mortgage budget when it’s so much larger and lasts so much longer than any purchase you’ve made before?

For some, owning a car is a convenience; for others, it’s a necessity. But with cars costing tens of thousands of dollars, few of us can afford to pay for one upfront. Almost 65% of Americans turn to some form of financing when they buy a car.

Is It Okay to Open and Close Bank Accounts?

Published 10/31/2018 by TJ Porter

When you first open a bank account, it is easy to assume you will stay with that bank or financial institution and make transactions with them forever. However, sometimes individual needs change, or a new account comes out that you want to take advantage of. You might have questions, like whether or not it is OK to open and close bank accounts regularly.

You recently had an important medical procedure done, but now you’re stuck with a hefty bill that you can’t afford. If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

It is alway preferable to pay off your debt in full, IF possible. Although settling your debt for a smaller amount will not hurt your credit as much as not making any payments, it is still considered a red flag for lenders. However, there are times when settling your debt can be a smart move. This article discusses the pros and cons of debt settlement and when it can be a reasonable debt relief option.

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