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Securing Your Retirement With Fixed-Rate Annuities

Published 02/05/2013 by Tushar Mathur

In these uncertain economic times, even relatively safe investments sometimes fail to provide returns. If you want to ensure financial security in your retirement, it’s wise to invest in asset classes that offer guaranteed returns. Long-term fixed-rate annuities are a great investment opportunity for those seeking guaranteed returns. But how can you get the best rates on your investments? And who has the best fixed annuity rates?

Say you saved X million dollars in your combined retirement savings plans. You’re set for life, right? Unfortunately, not necessarily. To paraphrase a great superhero, with great wealth come great taxes. As soon as you start withdrawing money from your retirement accounts, you’ll start paying income tax on it. So how can you protect your hard-earned savings from Uncle Sam? Read on to learn how to reduce taxes in retirement.