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Best Chase Checking Accounts

February 2024

Chase Bank offers some exciting checking accounts for people looking for a nationwide network of branches and top-of-the-line technology. Just make sure you avoid the monthly fees attached to Chase checking accounts.
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You may know Chase for its mortgages, auto loans, or for having the biggest selection of credit cards. However, it also offers a solid selection of basic checking accounts that combine the convenience of a traditional bank with physical branches and premium banking features and the cutting-edge technology of an industry leader in online banking.
Here is our list of the best Chase checking accounts available.
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Is Chase a good choice for checking accounts?

Yes, as the largest bank in the United States, Chase is a financial insitution to consider when shopping for a checking account — particularly if you already have one of their credit cards, live near a branch office, or can qualify for a big bonus offer.
However, there are other financial institutions that may be a better fit. The checking accounts below are a great place to start if you want an idea of the best offers available.

How can you avoid fees on Chase checking accounts?

It varies depending on the checking account you choose, but the best way to avoid fees is to maintain the minimum daily balance requirements for your specific account. Another option is to maintain a combined daily balance between your linked Chase accounts.
Some accounts may also waive the fee with qualifying direct deposits. Every account has different fee waiver options, so it pays to read your account’s specific terms and conditions.

Can I have multiple checking accounts?

Yes, absolutely. You can have multiple Chase checking accounts, such as personal, business, or a combination of personal and business checking accounts. You can also choose to open joint or individual accounts.

Does Chase charge for a checking account?

Although Chase checking accounts have a monthly fee, you can waive the annual fee if you meet a certain minimum balance or direct deposit requirements. Chase may also waive the monthly fee on your linked savings accounts if you have a checking account.

Pros and cons of Chase checking accounts

Here is a list of the benefits and the drawbacks to consider when shopping for Chase checking accounts
  • A nationwide network of more than 4,700 branches and 16,000 ATMs.
  • Select checking accounts offer generous bonus offers.
  • Easy ways to avoid monthly fees.
  • Cutting-edge technology and access to a wide suite of services.
  • Checking accounts charge a monthly fee (but it is not hard to waive).
  • Charges an out-of-network ATM fee.
  • Underwhelming APYs on checking, savings, and CD accounts.

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