Best Rewards Checking Accounts | September 2023

If your checking account doesn't give you cash back, a sign-up bonus, or a high APY, you are leaving money on the table. Here is SuperMoney's list of the best rewards checking accounts.

Does your checking account give you rewards for using its services? If not, you are missing out. Discover how your checking account compares with the most generous checking accounts on the market.

What is a rewards checking account?

A reward checking account provides account holders with more than a convenient place to store their money. Typically they provide high APYs, cash back, sign-up bonuses, and other perks.

How do you qualify for a rewards checking account?

The requirements vary depending on the financial institution. The offers listed above will provide additional details once you visit the checking account's website.

Some accounts require you to maintain a minimum account balance, make a certain number of transactions in a month, or deposit a minimum initial dollar amount.

What financial institution has the best rewards checking account?

This varies depending on the bonuses and offers currently available since financial institutions change their promotions regularly. The checking accounts listed above are among the best deals available now. 

What is a cashback checking account?

Have you heard about cashback credit cards? Cashback checking accounts are very similar. Every time you swipe the debit card associated with your checking account, you earn a percentage of the total amount. So, for example, if you have a 2% cash back account and spend $1,000 on a TV, you could get $20 back. 

Do debit cards earn rewards?

Generally, debit cards don't offer much in the way of rewards. However, debit cards linked to rewards checking accounts are the exception to the rule. 

How to shop for the best rewards checking account

It can be a challenge to compare rewards checking accounts. The list above includes some of the best rewards checking accounts currently available. Here are some tips on how to narrow your options further.

  • Do you want a high yield interest rate, cashback rewards, or both?
  • How important is a signup bonus to you.
  • Is paying a monthly or annual fee a deal breaker for you?
  • How do the account’s other fees compare, and how easy is it to avoid them?
  • What other perks does the checking account offer? Think no-fee ATM access, linked savings account, or generous deposit insurance.

If you see a checking account that ticks the boxes that matter the most to you, act as fast as possible. The best offers often come with a deadline.

Note that checking account rewards and sign-up bonuses change all the time. So, come back to this page often to find the best deals currently available.

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