Best Shared Equity Loans | August 2022

Shared equity loans, also known as shared equity mortgages, provide homeowners with a way to leverage their future home equity without getting into more debt. These loans are not currently available in the United States but there are similar products, such as shared equity agreements you may want to consider.

Shared equity loans -- aka shared equity mortgages -- are a home equity financing product that allows you to sell a percentage of your property's future appreciation in exchange for a lump sum. Typically, the money is used to pay a larger down payment on a home. Shared equity loans made a brief comeback during the great recession, but are now extremely rare. However, there are similar financing products, such as shared equity agreements or shared equity investments, that are widely available.

Home equity investments (HEIs) -- another term for shared equity agreements -- allow you to unlock your home equity without monthly payments or interest. The list below shows our top picks

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