Can You Go to Jail if You Default on Your Credit Cards?

What are the chances of getting Jail Time if You Default on Your Credit Cards?

Although certain financial situations can result in jail time, such as non-payment of child support or criminal justice fees, non-payment of taxes, or for hiding assets when there is a judgement against you, rest assured, that under normal circumstances non-payment of credit cards will not result in jail time, no matter what collection agencies may tell you on the phone.

The only way of getting Jail Time if You Default on Your Credit Cards is by committing credit card fraud.

Credit card fraud occurs if you take someone else’s credit card and run up debts on it without their permission or knowledge. Or if you fill out a credit card application with another person’s information and then use that credit card as your own.

It is also considered credit card fraud if you rack up expenses on your own card with no intention of paying the credit card company back. This could be construed as receiving money or goods through deceptive practices, which is a criminal act.

When debt collectors call, remember that the FairDebtCollectionPracticesAct (FDCP) regulates debt collection behavior. The Act covers all personal, household, and family debts. Collectors cannot harass or threaten you, make false statements or give false information – such as threatening jail time – or engage in unfair practices.

Know your rights.

Don’t let unpaid credit card debt drag down your credit score and cause you stress.

If you still need additional assistance managing your credit card debts, consider obtaining professional debt relief.

Don’t let your debts limit your ability to enjoy life.