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Does IHOP Take Apple Pay Or Google Pay?

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IHOP, a popular pancake house and breakfast chain, has been a go-to spot for many. With the rise of digital payments, many wonder if IHOP accepts modern payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This article delves into IHOP’s payment options, providing clarity on their stance regarding Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Bacon and eggs, a classic breakfast duo, have been enjoyed by many for generations, much like the traditional methods of payment. However, just as culinary trends evolve, so does the world of finance, with mobile payments now serving as the modern-day counterpart to cash and cards. IHOP, known for its delicious pancakes, bacon/eggs, and breakfast items, has numerous outlets across the country. As technology advances and digital payments become more prevalent, customers frequently inquire about the payment methods accepted at their favorite eateries. This article explores whether IHOP accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay as payment options.

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Does IHOP accept Apple Pay?

No. Unfortunately, as of 2023, IHOP does not support Apple Pay as a payment method in their restaurants. Patrons hoping for a contactless payment solution will need to consider other methods when dining at IHOP.
The reasons for this decision can vary; one theory suggests that IHOP’s existing payment infrastructure might not be compatible with Apple Pay. It’s also possible that IHOP, like some other major dining chains, might be considering or already implementing its own contactless payment solutions. However, the specific reasons for not adopting Apple Pay have not been publicly confirmed by IHOP:
  1. Infrastructure Limitations: Some IHOP locations might not have the necessary point-of-sale (POS) systems that support contactless payments like Apple Pay. Upgrading to such systems can be costly and time-consuming.
  2. Franchise Decisions: IHOP operates on a franchise model, meaning individual owners run many of its locations. These franchisees might have the autonomy to decide which payment methods they accept, and some might choose not to support Apple Pay.
  3. Contractual Agreements: Sometimes, businesses enter into exclusive agreements with particular payment providers, which might prevent them from accepting other forms of payment.
  4. Security Concerns: While Apple Pay is considered secure, some businesses might have concerns about accepting new payment methods until they are more familiar with them.
  5. Customer Demand: If a significant number of IHOP customers aren’t requesting Apple Pay as a payment option, the chain might not see the need to implement it.
It’s worth noting that payment methods accepted can vary by location, so while some IHOP restaurants might not accept Apple Pay, others might. If you’re keen on using Apple Pay, it’s a good idea to check with your local IHOP before visiting.

Does IHOP accept Google Pay?

No. Similarly to Apple Pay, IHOP has chosen not to support Google Pay for in-restaurant transactions as of 2023. This decision might be perplexing to many, especially considering the growing trend of digital wallets and contactless payments in the dining industry. Customers who value the convenience and security of Google Pay will unfortunately not find this option at IHOP. Instead, they’ll have to rely on traditional payment methods or any other integrated payment systems the restaurant might offer. While the exact reasons for IHOP’s choice remain speculative, it’s crucial for diners to be informed about the payment options available.

IHOP’s decision on mobile payments: A closer look

In the modern dining scene, mobile payments have become a favorite for many due to their safety, speed, and convenience. However, renowned chains like IHOP have not yet fully adopted popular platforms like Google Pay and Apple Pay, leading to curiosity about the reasons behind such decisions.
Harman Singh, Director at Cyphere, provides a comprehensive perspective on the topic. He states, “Users and merchants have reservations and concerns regarding the use of payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Users worry about the security of their personal and financial information, as well as the potential for unauthorized transactions. Merchants, on the other hand, may have concerns about potential fraud and chargebacks. The limitations of adopting these forms of payment include the need for compatible hardware and software, which can be costly for merchants to implement. Additionally, some users may be hesitant to adopt new payment methods and may prefer traditional options.”
Given these insights, IHOP’s reserved stance might arise from balancing the potential hurdles with the advantages. The equilibrium between adopting the latest technology and ensuring consistent accessibility remains a central consideration in the ever-changing landscape of the restaurant industry.

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IHOP accepted payment methods

While IHOP does not currently support Apple Pay or Google Pay, they offer a variety of payment methods to cater to the diverse preferences of its customers. The table below provides an overview of the primary payment methods accepted at IHOP locations, ensuring a seamless dining experience for all patrons.
Payment MethodDescription
Credit and Debit CardsIHOP accepts major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
IHOP Gift CardsSpecial cards issued by IHOP that can be used for purchases at IHOP restaurant locations.
Apple PaySome IHOP locations accept Apple Pay as a payment method. It’s recommended to check with the specific restaurant.
CashTraditional cash payments are accepted at IHOP.
Third-party Delivery ServicesIf ordering IHOP through a service like Doordash, they accept various payment methods, including Apple Pay.
Please note: The specific payment methods might vary by location, and it’s always a good idea to check with your local IHOP before dining.

IHOP and cashless payment methods: A competitive disadvantage?

Several of IHOP’s competitors in the restaurant industry have already integrated Apple Pay and Google Pay into their payment systems. By doing so, they cater to a broader audience, especially the tech-savvy younger generation who prefer using their smartphones for transactions. Not only does this enhance the customer experience, but it also speeds up the checkout process, reducing wait times and increasing table turnover rates.
Moreover, with the rise in cyber threats and the need for secure transactions, Apple Pay and Google Pay offer an added layer of security. These payment methods use tokenization, ensuring that the customer’s actual card details are never shared with the merchant, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches.
By not offering these payment options, IHOP may be missing out on potential customers who prioritize convenience and security. In an era where every detail matters in enhancing customer experience, it’s essential for businesses, including IHOP, to adapt and evolve.
Restaurant ChainProsCons
IHOP– Offers a variety of traditional payment methods.
– Well-established brand with a wide range of menu items.
– Does not accept Apple Pay or Google Pay.
– Payment options might vary by location.
Denny’s– Accepts both Apple Pay and Google Pay in certain locations.
– Offers a diverse menu similar to IHOP.
– Payment methods might differ based on the region or franchise.
– Digital payment acceptance is not consistent across all locations.
Waffle House– Known for its 24/7 operations.
– Has a dedicated customer base.
– Limited information on Apple/Google Pay support.
– Might not offer as diverse a menu as IHOP.
Perkins– Offers a variety of traditional and some digital payment methods.
– Has a bakery section offering fresh pastries.
– Does not consistently accept Apple Pay or Google Pay.
– Some locations might not support all digital payment options.

Pro Tip

Did you know that IHOP, which stands for the International House of Pancakes, originally started as a single restaurant in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, in 1958? Founded by Al and Jerry Lapin, the brand quickly grew in popularity and expanded across the country. Today, IHOP is recognized worldwide and serves a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items, but its roots remain deeply tied to its iconic pancakes.

IHOP Rewards

IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, offers a loyalty program called “MyHOP” to reward its frequent diners. By joining MyHOP, members can enjoy several benefits that enhance their dining experience at IHOP. Here’s what you need to know about IHOP Rewards:
  1. Sign-Up Bonus: New members who sign up for MyHOP receive a free full stack of pancakes as a welcome gift. This offer is redeemable right away.
  2. Birthday Treat: Celebrate your special day with IHOP! Members get a free stack of pancakes on their birthday. It’s a delicious way to make your day even more memorable.
  3. Anniversary Gift: Loyalty pays off! On the anniversary of joining MyHOP, members are treated to another free stack of pancakes.
  4. Exclusive Offers: MyHOP members receive exclusive offers and news about IHOP’s latest promotions and menu items. This means you’ll be the first to know about special deals and new dishes.
  5. Easy Online Ordering: With MyHOP, ordering your favorite IHOP dishes online is a breeze. Plus, you can earn points on every purchase, which can be redeemed for free menu items.
  6. Personalized Experience: MyHOP tailors its offers based on your preferences. Whether you’re a fan of their classic buttermilk pancakes or their savory omelettes, you’ll receive deals that match your tastes.

Tip for Maximizing Your IHOP Experience:

To make the most of your IHOP visits, always check the MyHOP app or website for the latest promotions before placing an order. This way, you can take advantage of any ongoing deals or discounts. Additionally, keep an eye on your email as IHOP often sends exclusive offers to its members. And remember, the more you dine at IHOP, the more rewards you’ll earn, so it’s a win-win!

Understanding IHOP’s International Bank of Pancakes (IBOP) Rewards Program

IHOP has introduced a unique rewards program called the International Bank of Pancakes, or IBOP. This innovative program offers diners the opportunity to earn and redeem “PanCoins” for delightful treats and exclusive perks. Dive into the key features of IBOP and discover how you can make the most of your IHOP dining experience:
Here are some key details about the program:
  1. PanCoins: IHOP’s rewards program revolves around earning “PanCoins,” which are described as a “crypto-pancake.” These PanCoins can be redeemed for various items in the IHOP Stack Market.
  2. Sign-Up Benefits: When you sign up and make your first purchase as an International Bank of Pancakes member, you receive five PanCoins. These can be redeemed for a promotional coupon for a 5-stack of pancakes.
  3. Member Perks: As a member of the rewards program, you can enjoy several benefits, including:
    • Free Birthday Pancakes: Celebrate your birthday with complimentary pancakes.
    • Exclusive Offers: Members get access to special deals and promotions.
    • Rewards that Stack Up: Earn rewards as you dine and spend at IHOP.
    • Secret Menu Offerings: Get access to menu items that aren’t available to regular customers.
    • Pay ‘N Go From The App: A convenient feature that allows you to pay for your meals directly from the IHOP app.
  4. Terms: It’s essential to note that the offer of five PanCoins after the first purchase is available only for first-time International Bank of Pancakes members.


Does IHOP take reservations?

IHOP’s policy on reservations may vary by location. Some sources suggest that IHOP does not generally offer reservations, but there are instances where certain locations might accept reservations, especially for larger parties. It’s best to check with your local IHOP restaurant to confirm their reservation policy.

Do IHOP Pancoins expire?

Yes, IHOP’s Pancoins do expire. Pancoins expire after twenty-four (24) months of account inactivity. It’s essential to keep your account active if you want to retain your Pancoins.

Does IHOP offer a military discount?

IHOP does offer special promotions for military personnel, especially in observance of Veteran’s Day. On November 11, IHOP provides a free breakfast to all members of the military, whether they are active, veterans, or retired. However, the availability of a continuous military discount may vary by location, and it’s recommended to check with the specific IHOP restaurant.

Do IHOP pancakes contain dairy?

Yes, IHOP’s pancakes and waffles are made with milk, which means they contain dairy. If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, it’s always a good idea to consult with the restaurant staff about ingredients and preparation methods.

Key takeaways

  • IHOP does not accept Apple Pay or Google Pay as of January 27, 2023.
  • Customers should be prepared with alternative payment methods.
  • While IHOP does not support some modern payment options, they do accept traditional methods and offer gift cards.

SuperMoney may receive compensation from some or all of the companies featured, and the order of results are influenced by advertising bids, with exception for mortgage and home lending related products. Learn more

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